Movie Review: Nidra (Malayalam) – A Very Well-crafted Remake
Sidharth stands out best of all and one of the best performances I have seen in recent times says Neil Xavier
On Feb 27, 2012


Bharathan has always been my all time favorite. I love movies being made his way. Those picture-like frames, beautiful heroines and everything in his movies appear so elegant and divine like. And to remake a movie that he has made is a huge challenge.



The remade Rathinirvedam was such a disaster that I was very skeptical about Nidra. But this time it is Sidharth Bharathan, the legend’s own son and yes he ought to be different. And how did Nidra unveil? Did it make me go deep into sleep or was it a snooze that made me want to experience it again and again?


Nidra was the launching pad for one of the most talented actresses in Malayalam movie industry, Shanthi Krishna. She along with Vijay Menon came up with a mind blowing performance that even though the original Nidra was not considered the best of Bharathan’s works, those performances still stay close to me.



Nidra is a movie that narrates the story of a girl who ends up marrying her childhood friend. Sidharth plays Raju who is suffering from a phobic disorder and Rima Kallingal comes along as Aswathy his love interest. Vishnu Raghavan as Raju’s elder brother and Sarayu enacts the role of Vishnu’s wife. KPAC Lalitha plays Aswathy’s mother while Thalaivaasal Vijay dons the role of Sidharth’s father.




Nidra is a visual treat and comes out as an emotionally rich and touching love story. There are many frames which would take your breath away and the credit should go to the cinematographer Samir Thahir. Those beautiful locations, the wooded secret dwelling place, the verdant flowing river, even those flower pots in the house looked so beautiful and perfect. And yes of course, the climax, you really need to watch it. Jassie Gift’s music is very fresh and the background score takes your senses to an entirely different level.




Sidharth stands out best of all and perhaps one of the best performances I have seen in recent times. He is so convincing in his role and he has handled it with utmost care that no time did he cross the boundaries. Rima, for the first time, made me think that she can act. She looked beautiful and as Aswathy has done super job. Jishnu Raghavan can call this as his come back movie and looked apt in the role of a tough brother. While Sarayu looked very natural in her role, KPAC Lalitha who played the same role in the original and Thalaivaasal Vijay as Raju’s father were perfect in their roles. One thing that I found very interesting in the movie was that Vijay Menon who did the role of Raju in the original comes in the role of Raju’s doctor in the new version!


Nidra is a well-crafted movie and a treat to watch. It’s an experience that haunts you and I go for 8/10 for this celluloid fantasy. 


Image Courtesy: nowrunning.com

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