Movie Review (Mal): Thira
Vineeth Sreenivasan this time with a thriller, adding a new genre to his repertoire | Subhash Sabu
On Nov 15, 2013

As a director, Vineet Sreenivasan is exactly what Dulquer Salman is, as an actor. Both are crowd pullers, have no considerable haters, and ensure maximum returns for the producer. Having said that, the queue at the theatre was long enough. The Vineeth factor, a national award winning, legendary actress making a comeback in Shobhana, and the dependable banner of LJ films are more than enough reasons for booking a first day ticket for the film. Having told a tale of friendship and love in his first two projects, here he is, this time with a thriller, adding a new genre to his vivid repertoire.


This Vineeth Sreenivasan film has story and screenplay by Rakesh Mandotty, cinematography by the numero uno Jomon T John, edits by Ranjan abraham and is produced by Manoj Menon.


The pace was set up in the first 5 minutes itself, before the title song. Shobhana carries the film on her shoulders from the very onset. The film being a thriller, I shall not dig too deeper into the story. The theme of the film is similar to many a films in Malayalam like Karmayodha. But this one reiterates that what matters the most is execution, and cinematically speaking, direction. Dhyan's face doesn't seem too expressive from the first look, but he is promising as well. There are no songs in the film as such, but all the tracks are played in the backdrop. But none of them seemed irritating, and kudos to the director for that. There are stunts in the film, not the exaggerated heroic stuff, but the ones that you instinctively clap, for each punch. And the stunt director has managed to keep them down-to-earth.

The tracks in the film have already got rave reviews, with the Shan Rahman - Vineeth camaraderie proving too fruitful. But personally I felt that some of them was 'inspired', from some hindi movies, and I stress that word, rather than 'copied'. Jomon's visuals have been shaky at times for that realistic feel. The art director too have done his job well. Ranjan Abraham's edits are fine with the duration being 1hour 45 minutes. The climax was indicative of what the second part will be, and that is most welcome.


THIRA is that thriller which has got almost all the pieces right as in a jigsaw puzzle, with some minute flaws here and there, which can be forgiven. The pre-release hype and a positive word of mouth should help it further. Let THIRA surge ahead...


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there r not only so called inspired themes but also copied scenes from movies like 'Taken'.
Khan, on Nov 16, 2013 10:27:56 AM
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