Movie Review (Mal): Arikil Oral
Arikil Oral may leave you with a fear in your heart and Sunil Ibrahim has done a fantastic job with his second film, says Neil Xavier
On Aug 31, 2013

I had a chance to talk to Director Sunil Ibrahim, the director of Arikil Oraal on the day of its release and he was very relaxed. On enquiring whether he was tensed, he said, "Now that it's going to get released today, there is no point in getting tensed, but to wait for the public verdict". With his first movie Chapters itself Sunil Ibrahim had gained the title of a director with a difference and I should say that with this, he has sealed it.


There was not much hype or marketing for Arikil Oral, but from the very first day, the movie got word of mouth publicity that Sree Vishakh's balcony was almost full.


Now what to say about Arikil Oraal is the question because it's a total visual and auditory experience. As the director Sunil says, "You will not get any message or any such stuff from this movie as it's 2 hours of entertainment" and it's true in every sense. From the very first scene to the last, I noticed that everyone in the cinema hall was totally glued to their seats. The suspense, horror, and tension the movie builds up are sure for one to go through. It's an experience worth paying for.


Arikil Oral narrates the story of Siddharth or Sidhu (Indrajith) who works in the advertising industry and how his life changes after Icha, played by Nivin Pauly, comes into his life. Remya Nambeesan plays the role of Siddharth's love interest. Lena comes in as Sidhu's boss and Prathap Pothan plays Lena's friend.

The actors have given an impressive performance and the director has done his job excellently well too. The story line is novel and the treatment is engaging. The background score is excellent while Gopi Sundar's music is apt and the songs of Remya and Indrajith stand out.

In short, Arikil Oraal is a very special experience. Had the climax been made different, it would have been one of its kind. Still, Arikil Oral leaves you with a fear in your heart.


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