7th Day-A Watchable Thriller (Malayalam) : Film Review
Shyamdhar directed and penned by Akhil Paul travails the investigation story of an unregistered case in 7 days | Subhash Sabu
On Apr 12, 2014


Prithviraj on his Facebook page said that no other film of his has garnered so much exhilaration among the online community than this. That too for a movie helmed by debutants is quite baffling.

Such has been the adroitness he exhibited in choosing his roles for the past two years. Prithviraj's dialogue in that teaser in his deep, majestic, baritone did give goosebumps to many.

But today as the film hits the theatres, after the festival of democracy that the state witnessed, it's up to the movie buffs to decide the festival winner at the theatres.

The Shyamdhar directorial 7th Day, penned by Akhil Paul travails the investigation story of an unregistered case by David Abraham (Prithviraj) in 7 days, which commences on Christmas day and culminates on the New Year's eve.

Revealing the storyline of such films is against the ethics of reviewing. So I'll skip that.

David Abraham sports a stylish salt n pepper look while the youngsters in the cast Tovino Thomas, Anu Mohan, Vinay Fort, Janani Iyer, Praveen Prem were a bit off colour in their performances. Vinay Fort seemed to be the better of the lot. The first half moves at slow pace, for setting up the plot and the interval punch makes you wait for the brisk, intriguing second half in optimism.

It shifts gears in the second and the climax does score a point. The director Syamdhar could have used Prithviraj the actor instead of Prithvi the star. Akhil Paul's script, at times, has some awkward dialogues. Hope the debutants improve with their next films.

Sujith Vasudev has given a dark shade to the frames and the lighting was brilliant. Deepak Dev's BGM was fine but not the songs.

The end result is a watchable thriller, if you don't take the risk of comparing it with his previous two cop stories.

NB: Amal Neerad has revolutionised Malayalam cinema so much that his slow paced style seems to be followed by every film-maker in the fray. High time to leave that. Also, time up for Prithviraj to try different genres.

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Prithviraj is day by day becoming a good actor, and also committing movies that are good to watch ....
Siva P, on Apr 15, 2014 12:35:32 PM
This film is watchable provided you had a good sleep last night. Else you would definitely decide to give way to your sleep than thinking about the 'thrilling' double climax. - Waste of time. This film reminds one golden rule for the occasional film viewers - Do not get over excited for watching a film by deceiving taglines which doesnt have any relevance to the story.
Sreekumar Nair, on Apr 16, 2014 10:43:50 AM
Really good work Prithviraj ! excellent performance. very much worth the money spend. But the climax is ok not gr8
Jose K, on Apr 16, 2014 04:17:56 PM
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