‘Kota Utsav’ At Czarina
Summer is back again and so is Czarina with a vivid collection of stunning Kota sarees in block prints, mirror work, embellishment and embroidery | By Maitreyi Babusenan
On Mar 06, 2013

Every summer, Czarina conducts a ‘Kota Utsav’ exclusively showcasing Kota sarees; this being the fourth time. But why Kota every summer?


Sheila James, proprietor of Czarina has an interesting answer. She says, “The Kota fabric is light-weight and airy, making it apt for the scorching heat of summer. So during summer, we try and bring together a huge collection of Kota sarees so that our customers have a wide range to choose from.”


And indeed there is a huge demand for this magic fabric during summer. Be it the regular customers or Kota lovers, they all rush to get their hands on the most comfortable wear of the season. There is a huge crowd at the fest every year. “This year’s numbers are record breaking even though we are only three days into the fest!” says Sheila James.


There are three varieties of the Kota fabric and Czarina brings you all three of them. Cotton Kota which is pure cotton, supernet Kota which is a blended fabric and silk Kota made from silk. From these three varieties, cotton Kota is woven in a village called Kota in Rajasthan and the other two varieties are from Varanasi. Many sarees in the collection come with block prints, mirror work, embellishment and embroidery. The ‘Kota Utsav’ also brings a collection of sarees which can be worn at functions as well.


The price range of the sarees is from Rs. 900 to Rs. 4,000. Czarina has also conducted many other fests such as Tussar Trove and Mix n’ Match Mania. Tussar Trove presented varieties of sarees in Tussar fabric while Mix ‘n Match Mania urged the customers to become their own designers by mixing and matching from a wide range of kurtas, salwars, leggings and shawls.


Besides these fests, Czarina also has seasonal festive collections during Onam, Ramzan, Easter, Christmas and New Year and during the wedding seasons, they present a wide range of wedding collections for brides.


Being in the business for twenty-seven years now, Sheila James has tied up with major weavers and printers to bring you the latest trends as early as possible. Czarina introduces new collections every month and Sheila James travels nation-wide every two months to get you the latest and the best in current fashion trends.


And guess what? Her efforts show in each and every saree you get to see at Czarina. The only problem you may face at Czarina is that you can’t make up your mind on which sarees to pick. Each one is better than the other!



So ladies, if you are into fashion, Czarina is the shop for you. Wait not. The Kota Utsav is there only until 15 March. So hurry up. You have a lot of shopping to do!!

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