Film Review (Mal): Left Right Left
Arun Kumar Aravind's new movie after 'Cocktail' and 'Ee adutha kalathu' | By Subhash Sabu
On Jun 15, 2013

How can anyone resist the First Day First Show of LEFT RIGHT LEFT after watching Arun kumar's 'Cocktail' and 'Ee adutha kalathu'?? Well, I went straight to the theatre after my exams and to say the least, I wasn't disappointed.

As per his norm, here also the real hero is the script. And Arun Kumar Aravind is in full control. The film is set in three periods - 70s, 80s, and the present. It showcases the political scenario of the past and the present. The script here is a document of the equivocality of communism. The story primarily revolves around three main characters- Che Guevara Roy(Murali Gopi), Kaitheri Sahadevan(Harish Peradi), and Vattu Jayan(Indrajith). Che Guevara Roy is a former stalwart of the party, but is paralysed now. Harish Peradi plays the crooked political playmaker who is the sacrosanct authority of the party, ostensibly fair to the one's allegiant to him. Indrajith enacts the tough, dichotomous cop, who acts by his instincts than his senses. His contrasting approaches to Jennifer(Remya) and his profession, shedding tears privately inspite of being the daredevil cop that he is, etc are contradictory nuances of his character. The ideological clash of Roy and Sahadevan, and Jayan's hookup to it forms the core of the second half. Remya Nambeesan plays Indrajith's love interest, while Lena dons the role of Murali Gopi's wife.

The film shows the influence of one's childhood experiences in character moulding. Jennifer(Remya) and Anitha(Lena) are the two extremities of women. Vijayaraghavan was experienced enough to make sure that his histrionics didn't slip to mimicry standards. And did this script peep too much into the characterisation of Jayan?? 

Indrajith effortlessly portrays multiple facets of his character. Harish Peradi's body language and his dialogue delivery was in harmony with each other. Murali Gopi had the vigour that 'Che Guevara Roy' demanded from him. Lena and Sethulakshmi were also impressive. Vijayaraghavan, Anusree, Mamukkoya, Byju, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Sudheer Karamana, Saiju Kurup, and Sreejith Ravi forms the rest of the cast.

Background music scored by virtuoso Gopi Sunder set up the tone for the profound script by Murali Gopi. Arun Kumar persists with Shehnad Jalal as the cinematographer, who's visuals are fine. M.Ranjith, hardly known for such class films, produces this flick. For anyone who is exasperated by the ragbag of 'one time watch' films now-a-days, this film is a relief.

My rating:3.5/5 (recommended) 

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