Campus Talk: Taking ‘Parliament’ Into Their Hands
Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pangode, achieves a rare honour by emerging winners at the National Youth Parliament Competition | By Mukesh Venu
On Jan 23, 2012


By winning the National Youth Parliament competition, the students of KV Pangode were presented with a glimpse of how the country is being run and they say they never have felt more respect towards the democratic system.



The 55 member Parliamentary team from KV Pangode has emerged national topper in the National Youth Parliament Competition organised for Kendriya Vidyalaya schools across the nation by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. National Youth Parliament competition is the enactment of a real parliamentary session by a group of selected students from different Kendriya Vidyalaya schools. A total of 90 schools took part in the competition among 18 different regions from all over the the country.



T N N Namboothiri, the principal of KV Pangode explains further about the competition, “The competition is held exclusively for the Kendriya Vidyalaya schools. From a total of 18 regions in India, five schools are selected from each region to take part in the regional leg of the competition. Trivandrum comes under the Chennai region. We topped the Chennai Regional Competition held at Palakkad and advanced to the zonal level. Three regions make one zone and that makes a total of six zones. We won the zonal competition held at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ashok Nager, Chennai with the highest aggregate of 84.66%, making us the national winners,” said the proud principal.



K Jaya, a Social Science teacher, was in charge of the whole program, starting right from the preliminary step of preparing the script for the mock- parliament.

“The script had to cover every process taking place in a real parliamentary session step by step with precision. The toughest part, which was also the most important part, was replicating the 'Bill for Consideration and Passing' section where the opposing members and the ruling members engage in a debate on why the Bill should or should not be passed. We selected the Lok Pal Bill issue for this section. After preparing the script we invited interested students for a selection process where they were made to enact portions from the script in both Hindi and English. The assertiveness in their voice, language fluency, and confidence displayed were all taken into account for the selection process. Only students from the 9th, 10th and the 11th standards were considered for selection.”

The students have to display their proficiency during one parliamentary session that would last 55 minutes.The 55 member team from each school consists of students who represent the Prime Minister of India, the Defence Minister, the Home Affairs Minister and various other honorary posts of the nation's political hierarchy. The youth parliamentary competitions are initiated on a yearly basis to inculcate among the young generation the spirit of self discipline, tolerance of diverse opinions, and righteous expression of views and virtues of a democratic way of life.


Eight students were selected this year from the 55 member team to receive the Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs for their outstanding performances. Devi R Krishna (Speaker), S Mahendranath (Defence Minister), Aparna Gopan (Home Affairs Minister), Benedict Issac (Human Resource Development Minister), Shyamjith K Suresh (Opposition Leader), Aditya Jayadev (Opposition Party Member), Karthika S (Ruling Party Member) and Ananth S S (Marshal) bagged awards for their meritorious performances.


“It was a wonderful experience participating in the competition,” said Mahendranath, the 11th standard student who had assumed the post of Defence Minister at the competition.

“We could learn a great deal about current affairs and various disciplines followed in parliament. I also got to know that the post of Defence Minister is a sensitive  one. Having gone through a simulated session of the real thing, now we know how we can do better than the existing system. We could make use of this learning experience  as we chose to dedicate ourselves entirely for a couple of months of practice instead of attending regular classes.”


“To me it was like a whole new window was suddenly opened in front of me to watch and learn,” accorded Aparna Gopan, another 11th standard student who was the Home Affairs Minister in the mock session.

“Now I have become a citizen with more awareness after having gone through the experience. It was also nice to prove wrong those who doubted our intentions. We had to part with 2 – 3 months of classes for the preparation of this competition. Many came and said to me it would be better if I stepped aside and focused on my lessons. But now all of them are congratulating us for becoming National Winners. It really makes me proud. And it wasn't just the experience; I learned a lot about the current affairs of this country and realised how tough it is when you are actually on the spot. But I can confidently say now that if I were to reach that height sometime, I can bring about a change.”


The National Youth Parliament competition  bestowed an opportunity for the future generation of the nationwith a chance to display their ability to handle the intricate affairs of parliament. The students from KV Pangode,  have succeeded in utilising the opportunity and made their school the proud winners of the Jawaharlal Nehru rolling trophy for 2011-12. While they have made their school gain a national achievement, the students in turn were gifted with the rich learning and knowledge of how diplomacy works in a democracy. 

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