Born For Films: Film Maker Krishna Murali Recounts His Filmy Journey
Krishna Murali, an artist and film maker from the city who chased his dreams and decided to take the road-less travelled.| Chinnu Nair
On Jun 05, 2014


Amidst the clitter-clatter of ‘Cherries n Berries’, a café in the city, if you find a man quietly tucked away in a corner and busy writing, not mindful of what’s happening around him, you sure have seen Krishna Murali. His signature cap on his head and a bag, full of scripts and paintings, slung over his shoulder, Krishna is a film maker born and brought up in the capital city. He has made a number of much appreciated short films and is on his way to making his feature film debut soon.

His first short film ‘Let Me’ dealt with a painful subject, yet it was a message of positivity explained from a mute person’s perspective.

‘60 ml, Last order’, is his latest work. The six minute long film deals with 15 years of an alcoholic’s life, a singer who arrives at a turning point in his life cycle and realizes that he forgot the good things in life. The film was entirely shot in a mobile phone and is a message to the youth.

Krishna had earlier brought out a teaser promo video for his ambitious film project titled ‘Kanam’, which he believes was the first of its kind in India.


He fondly remembers how back in school he was addressed as ‘cinema prandhan’. His avid discussions on various aspects of movies made his classmates think that he came from a film family. However Krishna says his family was a typical Kerala family with no link to films what so ever. As a kid he would often rush to the cinemas to watch the first show of Mammooty and Mohanlal films. When kids spent their pocket money on  chocolates and toffees, he spent his on film magazines. “Even as a kid, I could recognize good films from bad films,” he says.





He believes that he was born for films. So much is his passion  for the art that he would write stories and would draw them out too. Krishna is also a prolific painter. He would soon hold an exhibition of his works. He mentions Amarchitra kadha and Balarama as his inspiration as a kid, to draw.

Once he was out of school, he wanted to join the Pune Film Institute, but owing to his mother’s objection, he unwillingly ventured into the world of aviation. After eight years he quit his well-paying job at Dubai and came back home.

Krishna says that he was a fish out of the pond when he came back home, as he had no friends here. Everyone he knew was away and busy chasing their passions. He became a constant presence in coffee shops and got introduced to a network of
similarly thinking people.


He recalls that the changing force in his life came in the form of Gireesh Krishnan and his brother Harish Krishnan, who were the people that caused creative products to find day light.  “Ideas were only inside me until then. The Krishnan brothers were the ones who constantly supported me and convinced me to direct my first short film on my own”.

He then was a part of Facets Media, a group that focused on creating corporate videos and movies, educational  documentaries and the like. He couldn’t take that ahead and later started All Media.



Meanwhile he is developing scripts for his feature film. Three scripts are almost complete. He is collaborating with another young writer Sandeep for one of his works. “People take you seriously only after a movie,” he says. “Hence I hope my films to be technically superior and visually arresting. I hope to make movies for the masses. People should understand what is being conveyed. We see a movie with our eyes and hear it with our ears; hence a film should be soothing to both”.

His other plans include setting up of a space for people to kick start their artistic journey. “I see myself in people with dreams, hence I hope I could help them in developing their talents,” he says. He also has plans to start a film school in Trivandrum, sometime in the future. He hopes to set up an art-hub with, a full time cinema, showing world movies, a café where people can discuss art and an art studio.


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All the Best Mr.Krishnan Your story sounds truly one of great passion. Let your hard work pay ofqf Well.
Manu Manuel, on Jun 06, 2014 04:41:40 PM
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