Behind The Camera: Arabeem Ottakom P. Madhavan Nayarum (Mal): The Dream Team Is Back!
Kilukkam, Minnaram, ThenmavinKombathu... the list goes on. All eyes now rest on Arabeem Ottakom P. Madhavan Nayarum | By Mukesh Venu
On Dec 03, 2011


A wave of laugh riots had rocked the Malayalam film industry during the 80s and into the 90s. The legendary combo which had motored this tsunami wave was the one of childhood friends Superstar Mohanlal and Super Director Priyadarshan. Some of the early slapstick comedies of this team, like 'Mazha Peyyunnu Madalam Kottunnnu' have achieved cult status and its dialogues are quoted chapter and verse by every segment of the population ranging from the six year old to the sixty year old. 'ArabeemOttakom P Madhavan Nayarum' arrives with high expectations of the revival of that old magic..

The film which was to be released in November in now expected to hit the big screen on December 16, to charm the audience looking for ways to enjoy the Christmas - New Year holiday season. The film has every right to pump up the tremendous hype it has generated. The teaming up of Mohanlal – Priyadarshan – Mukesh after a gap of ten years is in itself a valid enough reason for every Malayalee to look forward to this film.



The rest of the cast includes established actors known especially for their comic talents like Innocent, Mamukkoya and Maniyan Pillai Raju. Suraj Venjaramoodu gets to work for the first time in a Priyadarshan movie. The presence of Sakthi Kapoor and Vidya Balan in a cameo appearance will give a touch of Bollywood to the movie. South Indian beauties Lekshmi Rai and Bhavana play the female leads in this movie, which has been shot mostly in the Middle East.

The story of 'ArabeemOttakom P Madhavan Nayarum' a.k.a Oru Marubhoomikatha deals with the situation of 'Madhavan Nair' played by Mohanlal, in a company in Abu Dhabi owned by SakthiKapoor. Real problems begin when Madhavan Nair meets 'Ottakathalayan' played by Mukesh. Lekshmi Rai plays 'Meenakshi Tampuran', the love interest of Madhavan Nair, while Bhavana as 'Ileana' provides the second female lead in the film.

“The story is about the importance of money in the lives of the characters of Mohanlal, Mukesh and me. Both of them are fabulous actors and I could manage to match up with them only with a strong role which was given to me by the director,” - says Bhavana, about her role in the film.


The title was changed because certain sections of the population in the Gulf seemed to have a problem with the original title. But the viewers couldn’t care less about the name of the movie as far as the magic combo of Mohanlal and Mukesh could recreate the comic situations for which the duo are famous for, both together and individually.


“No other language can match Malayalam comedy,” says the veteran actor Mukesh. “Working with Priyan has always been amazing. The roles he offers are always prominent. In 'Oru Marubhoomikatha' too I play a character equally important as Mohanlal.”

However, Mohanlal is reportedly a bit skeptical about repeating their high-energy roles in comedy hits during the 80s and 90s. According to him, it was the youth and the undying will to make the best of the chance given to him that were the factors that helped to put a convincing performance back in those days. But now, the actors are no longer young and have matured to become established names in the industry. In fact, the last film by the team 'Kakkakuyil', released in 2001, was a flop; in spite of some well acclaimed comedy scenes.

And Priyadarshan, although having a dream run in Bollywood, hasn't been able to repeat the mantra in Malayalam film industry as of late. After the failure of 'Kakkakuyil' followed the twin flops of 'Kilichundan Mampazham' and 'Vettam'. So the pressure in on the director to deliver.

Music by M G Sreekumar has already landed in a controversy, despite being chart toppers since the audio launch a couple of months ago. One of the allegations against the composer is that a certain song in the movie is a direct copy of Egyptian singer Amr Diab's famous song 'RohyMertahlak'. Although the sales have been good, the music itself has been receiving mixed reviews from the public.


Produced by Naveen Sashidharan and V Ashok Kumar, 'Arabeem Ottakom P Madhavan Nayarum' has its camera handled by the very experienced hands of the reputed cinematographer Azhagappan. According to latest reports, the film is now scheduled to release on December 16. With a lot of hype and even more expectation, yet arriving amidst doubts and controversies, is the Christmas treat by the dream team of Mohanlal – Priyadarshan – Mukesh. With Malayalam films still to recover fully from the blows it had to suffer due to major releases from other languages during the Deepavali season, every eye is on 'ArabeemOttakom P Madhavan Nayarum' to bring the lost smile back on the distributors, theatre owners and the audience alike.



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its not just allegation..its true that the title song has been copied from an arabic song of amr diab..come any priyan sir movie there will be some part of it copied..original works are a rarity nowadays..sad..
Abhi, on Dec 03, 2011 10:44:59 PM
waiting for this to hit on the screens...... good work Mukesh......
Nirmal S, on Dec 04, 2011 02:56:24 PM
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