Young Entrepreneurs: Success Caressing The Sky
In 13 years, Artech Realtors (P) Ltd have added over 3 million sq feet of buildings within the state | Mukesh Venu
On Oct 13, 2011


Since Artech Realtors entered the construction scene in 1998, the skyline of the city of Trivandrum has undergone a drastic change. Today Artech Realtors (P)Ltd is one of the most reputed and acknowledged names in the construction business in the state. T S Asok is the Managing Director of the company which has, within its thirteen years in the field, been involved in the timely completion of 41 projects belonging to every kind of building, ranging from apartment houses, to malls, office buildings and residential villas.

T S Asok


T S Asok graduated from the very reputed TKM College of Engineering and then went to take his Masters in Town Planning from the School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai. After thirteen years in the field and transforming Artech into one of the foremost names in the field of construction, the MD of this company knows exactly why he has been successful.

“Every time we carry out a project, we are very careful about the functional convenience of the building and also about the most effective utilisation of space within it.”


Artech Project 'Meenakshi' at Vazhuthacaud


As for or the general accusation that modern buildings lack the grandeur of old Victorian buildings, T S Asok finds it least funny.

“I won't take anything out from those old designs; they had their own unique charm to , but how long can we cling on to the past? What came during the time of kings came only after removing what was there before from the scene. The change is constant. So, as much as the old monuments possess beauty and grandeur, they are not that apt for the demands of modern day society. And our motto is to live up to what our clients expect from us. We work on the basis of their requirements,” says T S Asok.

In a city like Trivandrum, most of the high rise apartments are affordable only to the creamy layer belonging to the upper middle class. The low income group and the economically weaker sections cannot dare to dream of affording a flat in any such building. T S Asok says that if anyone is to be blamed for that, it is the government itself.

“We do not have any intention of appeasing the rich alone. In fact, I personally would like every family to live in the best homes available. But the amount of taxes that's being imposed on the construction sector is very high. Even if we try to minimise the cost,  the taxes are still left weighing heavily on our pocket. So our only option is to sell at a high price. If taxes are lowered, the prices too would come down and people from lower income categories would be able to afford good homes. But unfortunately that's not the case with the present scenario.”


Artech Project 'Lake Garden' at Aakkulam


The motto of Artech Realtors is 'highest quality, at competitive prices, with the highest customer satisfaction'.

“We do our business through our customers,” smiles Asok.


At present, the trend in housing projects is to have either houses for the lower income groups or the high rise apartment buildings meant for the elite. Contrary to the dream of a perfect world, Asok prefers the reality of the unequal world.

“As much as we would like to patronise ‘everything for every one’, that is never going to happen. There would always be this gap between the rich and the not so rich. But the gap would close down substantially in future, so that even the not so rich will have every facility and comfort necessary for their existence in the society. But at the same time, there will always be people who will have more than what others have.”


Artech Project ''Deepam'  at Anayara


As a businessman involved in the field of construction, T S Asok believes that the growth of Trivandrum as a metropolitan city would happen towards the northern side of the city, towards the Sreekaryam-Kazhakkoottam side.

“What excites us most is obviously the realisation of the Vizhinjam project. Then the development of Technopark and the proposed Knowledge Park – these are some of things that we as a construction group are most looking forward to.”

Artech Realtors (P) Ltd has just launched their 42nd project in Kerala. Till now, they have built more that 3million sq feet of building space and their plan is to cover an additional 10 million within the next two years. With more than fifteen projects in their pipeline Artech Realtors are on the verge of taking a big leap in the field of construction business. Currently with branches in Trivandrum, Kollam, Kochi, and an offshore office to open in Dubai by the second week of November, Artech Realtors plans to be pan Kerala by 2013, which means having a branch in every district within the state by the next two years. Having been awarded with Ohsas 18001, which is an international occupational health and safety management system specification, Artech Realtors are the first and at present the only business enterprise to have received this certificate.



“Our history of safety and efficiency is immaculate. There has never been an incident of safety lapse with Artech Realtors,” prides T S Asok.

As a very successful young entrepreneur who has taken Artech Realtors to a formidable position in the highly competitive construction business in Kerala, T S Asok does have a few words for aspirants in the field.

“Never compromise on quality. Make timely completion of projects and the highest level of customer satisfaction your priorities. Trust and good name are the two things most essential in this field which will take you a long way forward in the business.”

After having earned their name with high rise apartments and huge commercial complexes, Asok reveals that Artech Realtors now plans to turn into constructing affordable housing for the lower income group.

The success story of Artech Realtors as a company and T S Asok as an entrepreneur does not end here. But this article does, and T S Asok is Yentha's young entrepreneur for the week.  


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