Movie Review: Sevenes (Mal): Team Play Brings Home Dividends
Veteran director Joshy has once again succeeded in repackaging an ordinary script into a crowd puller | By Mukesh Venu
On Sep 13, 2011


The posters of the film portray the young stars of Malluwood as professional football players who mean business in the field. The name of the movie 'Sevenes' itself is a popular variety of soccer widely played in the Malabar region. Whatever the postproduction team had aimed with this kind of a publicity stunt, it is an ascertained fact that Malayalam movies have never been able to replicate the thrill of an on field game on screen. So, these posters could prove to be detrimental to the movie and bring out a certain sense of skepticism in an onlooker.



Fortunately,  'Sevenes' is not all about football. Other than the basic storyline about seven youngsters passionate about the game and the fact that the decisive game of their lives  is kicked off on the football field, 'Sevenes' does not require the actors to run after the ball on a field and make a mockery out of it, like it has been done in several Malluwood productions, all of which have bitten the dust.

The movie has a big cast, starting from the senior most ‘young’ actor Kunchacko Boban, to the promising talents in Asif Ali, Nivin Pauly, Aju Varghese, Rejith Menon, Vineeth Kumar, Rima Kallingal and Bhama. Manian Pillai Raju, and Nadia Moidu are the two veterans who help the young team carry the film forward. Mamukkoya too makes his presence felt through a rather insignificant role.


While the film starts with the seven member team 'rocking' the football field with their 'mind blowing maneuvers', which obviously have been grossly exaggerated through some cheap camera tactics, football, fortunately for the game, does not take centre stage in the film. But it does have its importance in the storyline as it is midgame that the movie’s turning point occurs.

In order to win the game of life and to redress the pains they have unknowingly caused others, the seven friends, in search of some quick money, decide to try their hand with the dealings of the underworld. Manian Pillai Raju, the 'broker', plays the devil's messenger who lures them further down into the murky depths of 'quotation' work, until caught in the crossfires of gang rivalry, they find that things have spiraled out of control and that their very lives are at stake..


The script written by Dr. Iqbal Kuttippuaram, who has hits like '4 the People' and 'Arabikatha' to his credit, is not without its loopholes. The first twenty minutes of the film just about convinces you that it had been a bad decision to walk in for the show. But the film gradually picks up pace and manages to hold its own by intermission. All actors have turned in reasonably good performances and the same goes for the technical aspects of the movie including editing, background score, cinematography, fight sequences and sound effects. Although devoid of anything remarkable, the film has managed to glue together the right essentialities at the right spot at the right time to send home the audience feeling content with what they have been offered.

Special mention should be made of senior director Joshy and actor Nadia Moidu. The experience of the veteran craftsman in turning an average script into a reasonably well-made movie is evident through out the film. 'Sevenes' is an example of why the director has managed to stay in touch with the audience even after three decades and 60+ films, while almost all of his younger contemporaries have taken a retreat into the shadows of time.

Nadia Moidu deserves applause for the way she has handled the role of police commissioner in the film. In an industry where female talents are mostly restricted to being pretty faces dancing around with the hero in their younger years, and then relegated to playing the weepy mother to usually the same heroes once their good years are over, this character presentation by Nadia Moidu presents a beacon of hope. In all seriousness, confidence and stature, she has excellently portrayed the role of the bold, fearless, female officer, which could only be respected and appreciated, never once to be downplayed anytime in the movie.

With Mohan Lal's 'Pranayam', despite rave reviews, not exactly turning into a crowd puller, 'Sevenes' is left with little competition from Malayalam films in the theatres. That, along with the combined effort of the entire cast and the experience factor of Joshy will assure the movie of a fairly good response at the box office. 'Sevenes' is guaranteed to recover the producer’s investment and might even manage to turn into a major hit of the season.

Endline: 'Sevenes' – a safe bet for regular cine goers.  


Image Courtesy: cinespot.net

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