Movie Review: China Town - Quite A Hangover (Mal)
Starts very well. But disappoints in the latter half. Shades of Hollywood flick 'Hangover' – says Neil Xavier
On Apr 15, 2011


If one expects a humorous movie, then no one really cares about the logic. It should be one that will make you laugh. If that is so, the Vishu release from Rafi Mecartin - China Town – meets the expectations very well till the break but then the second half doesn’t live up to the billing and in the process breaks your heart.

The auspicious ‘Vishu Kani’ by Mohanlal and his team fails to impress. China Town was released at three cinemas in the city - Sri Kumar, Sri Vishak and Kairali. The hall that I went to was packed to the rafters. One more multi-starrer movie. In multiple cinema halls. With multiple expectations. And yes with Mohanlal, Jayaram and Dileep in lead roles, you would expect it to do well.

China Town begins with a story of four friends who run a gambling shop in Goa back in the 80s. Quite a sight to see Mohanlal with co stars of the 80s Shankar, Prem Navas, Capt. Raju gambolling in their bell bottoms and prancing in care-free hippy style. The flash back ends with a gross murder that ends their lives. But one of them survives along with their 3 sons.

No, no revenge this time when the kids grow up!

The survivor brings up the three kids – Lal, Jayaram and Dileep. Jayaram( as Zacharia) in an unusual  gluttonous role played very well except for an awkward wig. Dileep (Binoy) a jobless Romeo gives a good performance. Mohanlal ( as Mathukkutti) is a wanna be ‘Don’. Kavya Madhavan plays Rosamma and she does a fair role except in a few scenes where the audience clearly voiced their displeasure. Whether she eventually becomes Lal’s lady love ... , well one has to watch the movie. The first half rocks with a lot of interesting scenes and the tempo is excellent. 

In the second half, Captain Raju (survivor) brings these three sons to Goa - China Town - to give them back their gambling shop. The villain is still around – bigger and meaner. The slide begins somewhere here.
Someone told me that this movie was inspired by the Hollywood flick ‘Hangover’. But when I didn’t find any similarities till the interval and I expected him to be wrong. But the second half reminds me proved me wrong. Introduction of Ranjini and all the reality show contestants, probably was a touch unnecessary. The ‘Hangover’ influence gets stronger.

Music by Jassi Gift is passable, the editing and special effects are quite interestingly done. The inclusion of the Hangover story by the script writer( the director himself) is the biggest flaw in the movie. Suraaj is okay in the comic role but what extra comedy can he bring up when the film already has Mohanlal, Jayaram and Dileep?

If you can spend Rs40 and get out by the interval, the movie is worth watching. But if you are adamant, then watch at your risk. An excellent first half but a disappointing second. Wishing you a happy and prosperous Vishu!

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The reviews are getting better. Keep it up.
Udthabaaz, on Apr 15, 2011 01:20:53 PM
good review............. in this case and in urumi's case.............keep it up............
Francis, on Apr 16, 2011 11:44:37 AM
Didn't like china town at all.. Its just "Oru thattikkoott padam" .
Robin Christopher, on Apr 19, 2011 09:13:48 AM
first half of the film is good to watch.but the second half thoroughly disappoints..
SMC, on Apr 24, 2011 11:57:56 PM
Whats happening to these rafi-macartin like guys. Are they blind or what. Hangover movie malayalikal koodi kandotte ennu vecho?? mashe remakes aavam, but never make it a waste. Puthiya aalkare kandu padikku, Traffic n Cocktail were also remakes, but both never spoiled the soul of the original one. Never do this again to malayalam Industry, enthu konduvannalum kaanan ithu 80's or 90's alla. People are used to watching english movies. Understand your viewers before making a movie, atleast oru one month enkilum market study aavam.
Abhijith, on Apr 25, 2011 10:14:59 PM
Neil smart review bro!!
Praveen, on Apr 27, 2011 01:23:01 PM
hey thank u all.....but i am not happy at the comment tat enthukonduvannalum kaanaan ithu 80s 90s alla ...becoz those decades had d best movies...u can tell 20000s thats fine...
Neil Xavier, on Apr 27, 2011 05:20:33 PM
I dont kno why this crap is said to be as a super hit... padam vijayikkumaayirikkum...itharathilulla padangale prolsahippikkunnavare mukalil ninn thanne kandallo... Njan nalla cinemakale snehikkunna oraalaanu.. Ath Mohanlal aayaalum Mammootty aayaalum vere aaraayaalum... I've seen this crap on the third of the release with my family.. FAMILy ENTERTAINER enn aarokkeyo comment ittirikkunnath kandu.. enth arthathilaanu enn enikk manassilaayittilla.. What Mr.Nambeesan said is exact.. I've seen the movie The Hangover also.. some scenes of chinatown is adapted from that.. Ellattilumupari enthinanu itharathilulla chali cinemakal irakkunnath??? athilere Mohanlaline polulla maha nadanmar enthinanu ithil abhinayikkunnath.. ethrayethra vyathasthangalaaya role cheyth prekshakare vismayippicha nadanaanu Mohanlal.. We all kno he is the most flexible actor in malayalam industry.. Again am asking why such an actor is doing a fucking movie lyk dis?? Malayala cinemakal reality ullathaanu enn palarum paranj kettittund.. pachayaya jeevitha yaatharthyangalaano ithokke?? ini comedy udheshichaanenkil athinum oru standard vende?? ee chalikal okke palarum enthinu angeekarikkunnu.. ithine support cheyyunnavarod enikkonne parayaanulloo.. nammal malayalikal aanu.. sakshara keralam.. nammude cinemakalkk oru parambaryam thanneyund.. Aaradhana mooth kaanikkunna enth komalitharavum support cheyyuka ennath malayaalikalude samskaramalla.. ipol mattu bhaashakalil irangunna heroism mathram kaanikkaan vendi kaatti koottunna cinemakalum ee cinemayum thammil enth vyathyasam.. one of the worst film by rafi mecartin.. NOBODY SHOULD ENCOURAGE THIS!!!
Midhun , on May 04, 2011 10:40:41 AM
what a crap movie. Not even one scene is good. copied from movies like hangover and song from one Telugu movie..
Tony, on May 30, 2011 08:45:31 PM
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