Interview Of The Week: A Lawyer Turned Filmmaker
Akshaya Pillai catches up with 'Island Express' fame Shanker Ramakrishnan for a little chat.
On Aug 08, 2010


Ask him anything and he has a definite opinion about it. Cool and vibrant, Shanker Ramakrishnan, director and writer, draws me into the memoirs of yester years and briefs me about his plans for the coming days.

“It had been films since the begining. Our family owned this theatre named MP and there began my love for films,” recollects Shanker.

MP Theatre closed down in the mid eighties but his teachers at Christ Nagar kept Shanker’s interest in literature and films intact. One name that Shanker kept repeating through out the interview was Anoop Menon. “Anoop and me walked through the unfamiliar lanes in the city. We were together for the youth festivals and all other cultural activities. We travelled to the roots of Malayalam literature. British Library then, was a cultural hub for us,” adds Shanker.

Interview Of The Week: A Lawyer Turned Filmmaker
Shanker Ramakrishnan made his directorial debut with 'Island Express' in 'Kerala Café'

Wanting to pursue medicine in his high-school days, he later deviated his attention to Law and did his masters in Law. “There was a time when I actually thought of stopping Law to pursue my film interests, but Law gave me enough time to make small documentaries, and watch more films. Law helped me study human characters. It was a perfect launch pad for me. After that I went to Bangalore, and worked with the Times of India,” says Shanker.
Interview Of The Week: A Lawyer Turned Filmmaker
"Trivandrum is more than the 5km radius, which is the city"

A whole new world, new experiences

Trivandrum has this extraordinary dexterity to create a longing to return in the minds of all her children who soar away; it was the same with Shanker. He left Bangalore, came back and assisted Renjith with films like 'Kayioppu', 'Paleri Manikyam', 'Thirakatha' and made his directorial debut with 'Island Express' in 'Kerala Café'.

The scriptwriter of the much-awaited film, 'Urumi', Shanker says: “'Urumi' is a 'facebook of our forefarthers'. Everyone knows Vasco Da Gama who came to Kerala, but no one has thought about the people who survived then. The film is about them.”

Ask him about his love for Trivandrum and he can go on and on. “Trivandrum is more than the 5km radius, which is the city. There’s so much more to explore and enjoy. I like Trivandrum by time. At 4.30 in the morning, I would want to be at Eastfort. There’s an unexplainable positive vibe. Afternoons in the theatres and evenings watching the sunset at Shangumugham are any Trivandrumite’s delight.”


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Fine again to see another class mates interview had a good collection of old memories being a Christ Nagarian.I haven't seen his movie but I know this person in my school days.I would like to wish him luck for his future endeavors.God Bless.Thanks for the article Akshaya
Jose Davis, on Aug 09, 2010 07:34:14 AM
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