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In preparing Karkidaka Kanji, pachila chaaru is an important ingredient, which is very difficult to obtain | Cris Seetha
On Jul 22, 2010


Sri Dhanwantari Matam derives its name from the Almighty, Lord Dhanwantari, the lord of medicine. Established in the year 1912, Sri Dhanwantari Matam literally means "Home of Ayurveda".

Founded by Dr. Aranmula Narayana Pillai, an authority in Ayurvedic Medicine in Kerala and a physician par excellence, Sri Dhanwantari Matam undertakes the entire range of Panchakarma treatments under the supervision of experienced doctors and masseurs.

“As there is proven and time tested cure for almost all diseases in Ayurveda, we treat a wide range of patients from within India and abroad. We are well equipped in this field with a modern quality control laborotary, research and development, library, high quality medicine manufacturing techniques, quality control etc. which assists us in giving relief to thousands of patients,” says Nandakumar, Managing Director, Sri Dhanwantari Matam.

They specialize in the treatment for different types of Arthritis, Spondilosis, muscular and joint pains, different types of headaches, paralysis, diseases associated with eyes, nose, throat and ears, internal complaints, obesity, infertility, sport injuries etc.

Nandakumar talks about the importance of Karkidaka Kanji: “All the ayurvedic recipes were written ages ago. Every single ingredient counts. In preparing Karkidaka Kanji, pachila chaaru is an important ingredient. It is very difficult to get that. But here, we prepare the kanji with all the essential ingredients.”

The Karkidakam-special treatments at Dhanwantari are offered at its in-patient center, Devaki Health Centre. “There are a number of treatments including Abhyangam (uzhichil), ilakizhi, njavarakizhi, etc.”
From The Home Of Ayurveda
Nandakumar, Managing Director, Sri Dhanwantari Matam

Nandakumar explains what each is for:

Pizhichil is for rejuvenating and energising a person, to make one fresh and active.

Njavarakizhi is for muscle and tissue building, taken by unhealthy people to gain weight.

Ilakizhi is for bones and joints.

Udhvarthanam is meant for obese people to lose weight.

Kadeevasthi and urovasthi is for specific spinal injury and slip-disc conditions.

Nasyam is for people with cold, migraine or sinusitis.

Nandakumar feels that everyone who has crossed the age of 50 should go for such ayurvedic treatments to keep themselves rejuvenated and active.


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