Five Great Tourist Experiences In North Kerala
Travel Writer Manu Remakant recommends five experiences a traveler should not miss in North Kerala.
On Jul 23, 2010


1. Spotting the crocodile and the mural paintings inside Ananthapuram

Five Great Tourist Experiences In North Kerala - Ananthapuram, Kasargode

A long journey awaits you if you want to see the only lake temple in Kerala. On the way you can see the beautiful locations of films like ‘Madhuranombarakkattu’. On the slopes of the nearby mountain there is an abandoned kovilakom. The stunning temple is reflected on the calm waters around it. They say there is a crocodile in it. The minute I dismissed it as myth, the myth surfaced with open mouth.

District: Kasargode

2. Spending a night with a sanyasin on the tops of Possadi Gumpe

Five Great Tourist Experiences In North Kerala - Gumpe, Kasargode

This is indeed the mini-Switzerland of Kerala. The unending stretch of velvet green hillocks, the abstract cloud paintings on the blue-blue sky, the cattle gracing on little stumps of plants, the nip in the air… Come to Gumpe. Throw in a spoonful of spirituality; the place will stake its rightful claim to be taken for heaven. Up there, after walking six kilometers through picture perfect landscapes, I stumbled upon an ashram. An old sanyasin invited me to stay with him for the night and listen to the gossiping starlings and watch the moon soddened with milk.

District: Kasargode

3. To walk through the jungle in search of Keni

Five Great Tourist Experiences In North Kerala - Keni, Wayanad

Kuruwa islets are a much frequented tourist spot. But those who explore beyond the beaten track are rewarded with nature’s secrets inside a forest. One of them is Keni.

It is nothing but water collected in a burrowed out Mango tree base. My adivasi friend wanted me to taste it.  I resisted for a while. I relented and at the end, I tasted the most refreshing drink of my life.

District: Wayanad

4. A night journey through a forest

Five Great Tourist Experiences In North Kerala - Chinnar, Palakkad

The place is Chinnar. When one of the nature club members pressed for a night journey through the forest I didn’t think it would be this exciting. With dilated eyes and racing heartbeats, we drove the vehicle slowly through the long ribbon of moonlight. Our ears were pricked to absorb even the slightest sound from the forest, which leaned towards the road. We soon picked a couple of wild hares in the headlight. Then a stag scurried across the road. The threat of elephants, bisons and leopards making a surprise visit always loomed in such darkness. Perhaps that was why we were that excited.

District: Palakkad

5. To spend an hour on the 9th curve – Onpatham valavu

Five Great Tourist Experiences In North Kerala - Wayanad

The long spiraling road curves uphill and soon you reach this blissful place. The road is wide enough to park your vehicle. The unending blue mountains vanish into thin air after a distance. The cold air at this altitude will not throw a spanner on your crave for ice creams. The carts are galore up here. Look down to see the noodle-thin roads. You can see far down, toy cars and toy buses winding up through the hair pin curves. At night they become little lights, which grow in size at every turning.

District: Wayanad




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