Drenched In Music
As Damodar Narayan turns Music Director, he talk about his love for music which keeps him going | By Archana Jagannath
On Jul 09, 2011


The monsoons might have disappointed us this time round, but for Damodar Narayan disappointments are what lead to ‘Meghamalhaar, the Symphony of Love’ – his musical tribute to the magical downpour. Last week, when film director Lal Jose released Meghamalhaar, what was realised was Damodar’s lifelong dream. Music has always been his first love. An Electronic Engineer by profession, he even quit a high paying IT job and found another one which was less demanding so that he could pursue his dream.



It all started in 2009 with Damodar giving music to the song ‘Malharile,’ penned by friends Adarsh and Rajesh. For a year he searched for a producer for a promotional video of the song. All he received were denials and dismissals. “For many people approached, money was what mattered and not music,” recounts Damodar. So he decided to turn producer and shot the video with the help of a bunch of staunch friends, under his production house – Nadam Creations.




Being sceptical about his work, Damodar did not think beyond a single song. But realising the talent in him, his friends urged him to dream further. What resulted was a music album a year later. On being quizzed about what he saw then, Damodar replies with a humble smile, “I did not see the road, I just knew it existed.” According to him only when it progressed and materialised, did he start to understand what could lie ahead.


Even while he narrates to us his undying passion for music, what sets Damodar apart is his down-to-earth character. Someone else might have related how much hardships they had to endure. But Damodar prefers to look beyond that. He credits his friends and family for his success and never ceases to express his gratitude to them for their support and encouragement.

Lal Jose during the music release function at Kochi



An ardent and abiding student of music, he started his lifelong journey into the world of music at the age of seven – when he started his mridangam lessons under Chepaad Krishnan Namboothiri. He exhibited his talents during his school days in Loyola, Trivandrum. His college mates at the TKM engineering college, Kollam weren’t that fortunate. He entered a hibernation mode during those four years. In 2007, while on his last year in college, he displayed signs of his future endeavours by provided music for an album of devotional songs. Damodar never really went out of touch with music at any time. He kept the rhythm going with some advertisement jingles which he composed.



Damodar is eloquence personified when asked about his album. “I was waiting for the monsoon season to release it,” he explains. He reveals with excitement that the video he produced is the first Malayalam album song to be shot with the latest  5D camera. “More than me, I want the songs to be recognised”, Damodar hopes. Themed on rain, the album has eight tracks. The lyrics penned by Poovachal Khadar, Parvathy, Adarsh and Rajesh have been rendered by Najeem Arshad, Sreenivas, Swetha Mohan, Sreedevi, R Krishna and Franco.


Damodar, who idolises Ousepachan, Vidyasagar and A R Rahman, dreams of entering the film industry. This dream might not be far ahead as he has already received an offer. Damodar explains, “A balanced blend of classical and folk is the perfect recipe for film music.” Music for him transcends above ragas and transforms even into words.


An engineer at CDAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing), his family constitutes of father Narayan Swamy, mother Padmini and elder sister Dhanya.

 “Be determined and work towards your goal until it becomes a reality,” Damodar signs off with an advice to budding music directors. 

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Came to this article via face book notings of Shri Anoop John. Best wishes for all the future successes which beckon this talented person
Srikanth NS, on Aug 04, 2011 09:35:10 PM
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