Dog-Sitters In Trivandrum
Ashik Kalam goes to the Commando Dog Hostel and finds a safe and comfortable home for man's best friend
On Jun 30, 2010


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Looking for a one stop destination for all your canine woes in Trivandrum? Then 'Commando Dog Hostel' is the place you are looking for.

Many dog owners face the problem of not being able to go on long vacations because they can't leave their dogs alone at home. At the Commando Dog Hostel you can leave your canine best friend and rest assured that he will be in safe hands.

If your canine friend has a mind of his own and you think it's time you taught him some manners, go Commando.The commando dog hostel offers breed-specific training for your dog. Suresh, the proprietor of Commando Dog Hostel says that dogs have to be trained young as it is very difficult to change their manners after they are more than a year old. Commando Dog Trainers come to your doorsteps to train your dog at a phone call's notice.There are 14 UKC( United Kennel Club)-certified trainers working at Commando.

Commando Dog Hostel also offers 'dog biriyani' to pamper your dog's taste buds. You can spoil your dog with a brushing and washing session at the Commando Dog Hostel.

When Suresh entered the canine business, he only sold pure bred dogs. After receiving some 'dog training' from dog trainers in the BSF (Border Security Force), Suresh started Commando Dog Hostel. It has been 15 years now, and Suresh has a long list of famous personalities as his clientele. Defense Minister AK Antony's dog stays at the Commando Dog Hostel when the family is away in Delhi. Suresh has also trained actor Mohanlal's dog.

Commando Dog Hostel sells a wide variety of dogs including pure bred Labradors, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans and Dachshunds. All the dogs sold are UKC-certified.

Commando Dog Hostel also offers treatment and medicines for your dog's ailments at your doorstep.

The services of Commando Dog Hostel can be availed by contacting Suresh at 9387810799 or 0471 2289577.

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Dear all, I have seen the Advt above. With my experience,please don't trust in commando dog hostel. I bought almost 4 dogs from there; By God grace all are almost pure breed, But not fully pure. I suggest some of my friends to go & buy puppies from there. But for them all were fake breeds. I was just disgraced in front of them. According to me if you want pure breed dogs or puppies please go to Mr Rajashekar (balaramapuram) or Ganesh (nedumangadu) or Murali (nedumangadu)
A Victim, on Feb 27, 2012 09:35:26 AM
I took a membership for my dog couple of years back, during registration they had promised to refund the membership fees when we would wanted to cancel it. However after several years of requesting the cancellation I havent been returned a single penny. These guys have not even provided a decent service of what they initially promised. Only nice pictures on their website and fake promises but please dont trust them at all.
Victim, on Jul 29, 2014 03:13:52 PM
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