Book Review: 2 States
Chetan Bhagat's best work yet, '2 States' explores the hassles, a couple has to undergo to get their 'inter-state love-marriage' accepted by their families | Ashik Kalam
On Jul 27, 2010


Krish loves Ananya and Ananya loves Krish. What could possibly go wrong here? Almost everything, especially when Krish is a Punjabi and Ananya is a Tamilian.

Though born and brought up in different cultures, Krish and Ananya had no qualms about falling in love, like most of the youngsters today. They choose not to elope and instead convince their parents about the marriage - a task, the enormity of which neither had an idea about when they set about it.

Chetan Bhagat's best work yet, ‘2 States’ explores the hassles, a couple has to undergo to get their 'inter-state love-marriage' accepted by their families.

The cultural contrast between 'Punjabis' and 'Tamilians' is portrayed in a very hilarious way. "Marble flooring is to a Punjabi what a foreign degree is to a Tamilian", sums it up all for a reader. Chetan Bhagath pokes fun at the Punjabi greed for wealth and riches and the Tamil fixation for degrees from top universities.

'2 States-The story of my marriage' appears to be a sequel to '5 Point Someone'. Through and through, there are references to 'missed semesters' and 'the affair with the professor's daughter'. But miraculously, Hari of ‘5 Point Someone is ‘Krish’ in ‘2 States’.

What makes Chetan Bhagat successful, as an author is that he writes from his own experiences, which Indian youngsters can relate to. And ' 2 States - The story of my marriage' is no exception.

Chetan and his wife Anusha used to be classmates at IIMA where they fell in love and decided to get married. And no marks for guessing this one - Chetan is Punjabi and Anusha is Tamil.

'2 States - The story of my marriage' follows Chetan Bhagath's trademark of starting the title of the book with a number; of not having a lot of pages and more importantly, being priced for everyone.

Plenty of humour, simple language, 269 pages of good read, all these at just Rs. 95.
Book Review: 2 States – The Story Of My Marriage

Yentha Rating: 6.5/10

Published in 2009 by Rupa & Co, this hilarious fiction is available at the stands in Trivandrum for Rs. 95.


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its a another milestone of chetan's career ,i really like it,keep writing,luv u
Annu Pathania, on Jul 31, 2010 02:48:33 PM
Its Simply wat I can is The Best Indian love story... and credit goes to the father who met the birds again.. really emotional moment
Steven Dsouza, on Aug 01, 2010 09:18:05 PM
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