Behind The Camera: Chappayum Kurishum Screenil
Sameer Thahir shares his thoughts with Shameem Faruque about his directorial debut ‘Chaappa Kurish’, a maze through which two extreme characters move and the fire that spreads as they criss cross each other’s path...
On Jul 14, 2011


The movie has already caught the fancy of many. As it’s posters and trailers flash at you, the first thing that would make you give it a second look is the title itself. It is ' Chaappa Kurish'. The title has a ‘something’ in it, tickling your curiosity. It is going to hit screens tomorrow to explain things better.


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Sameer Thahir, the director of the movie and also one of its scriptwriters throws a little light on the film. "While I was writing the script itself, giving shape to the main male leads, Arjun and Ansari, i knew that they were the two sides of the same coin. So I thought of ‘Heads and Tales’ as the title. But I wanted it in the colloquial lingo.” To one's amusement he adds "It's called 'Changum Chappayum' in Kollam, 'Thalayum Valum' in Kottayam, 'Raja Kozhi' in Thrissur and 'Chaappa Kurish' in Cochin. And I belong to Cochin."


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Sameer Thahir had already made a name as  cinematographer with Amal Neerad's Big B (2007) and debutant director Aashiq Abu's Daddy Cool (2008). ‘Chaappa Kurish’ is his maiden work as a director. And the movie has a special ‘look’ to it. “I have done ‘Chaappa Kurish’ in the most realistic way possible. It’s tone and ambience look very real and we refused to compromise. We even shot during the peak hours at Broadway, Cochin.


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It is the art direction, costume, make-up and cinematography that gives the ‘look’ to a movie. And when you watch you will know that ‘Chaappa Kurish’ is as near to life as possible,” says this young director who is just 32.  “Based on a thousand true stories,” the promo promises and Sameer finds it apt. “Look around  and you will come across so many lives and situations that is similar to ‘ Chaappa Kurish.’” It is a subject of the youth and no doubt is going to gel more with the young audience.

“I am not trying to convey any particular message through the movie. It’s a pure commercial entertainer. But if the viewers get something out of it, I will be more than happy,” Sameer says. He seems to be a man who is definitely not in a hurry. He waited patiently after ‘Big B’ and ‘Daddy Cool’ for the right story to excite him before ‘Chaappa Kurish’ happened.”


Sameer co-wrote the story with Unni R. The movie revolves around two young but powerful characters. “As the script took shape, Vineeth Seenivasan and Fahad Fazel, two wonderful actors, seemed to fit perfectly as the characters of Ansari and Arjun. In the movie they are one and the same but stand at two extremes just like the head and tail of a coin,” Sameer speaks with excitement but without divulging anything more.

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Remya Nambeesan, Roma and Nivedita play the strong female leads. The movie has already caught the fancy and curiosity of many with the lip lock scene. Sameer laughs it off. “We live in the 21st century and this is no big deal any more. Kissing and making love is part of life. That scene is very relevant to the script. And it is very aesthetically done. It’s part of the movie’s soul. So there is no reason why I should not include that.” And when he says that it has not been introduced to garner some cheap publicity, a fact he proves by deliberately avoiding it in the promos.

Sameer acknowledges the producer of ‘Chaappa Kurish’, Listin Stephen with gratitude “His only request was that he wants to produce ten good movies in Malayalam.” Listin Stephen was the producer of the excellent movie ‘Traffic.’ . So it is no surprise that Listin has stood by ‘Chaappa Kurish’ which by far promises to deliver good stuff.

 “Anwar Rasheed, my mentor, introduced me to Listin which turned out to be a real blessing for ‘Chaappa Kurish,’’’ Sameer says. Its music, done by Rex Vijayan of ‘Avial’, promises to have a taste of its own.


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‘How much does love weigh’, ‘ How much does guilt weigh’, ‘ How much does regret weigh’... Thus goes the promo of ‘Chaappa Kurish’. Is it mere coincidence that  '21 Grams’, the 2003 released American movie carried the same promo, the same way? “ Nope,” comes Sameer’s instant reply. “It was a blunder on my part. I did not give much thought to it while I adopted those lines. Now that it has been asked, it is actually doing good to the movie. So I really don’t mind.”


Sameer Thahir has no future projects in his mind now. All his thoughts are occupied with his current pet project ‘Chaappa Kurish’. “It is a thriller,” is his final word on the movie. And no doubt many would make a beeline to the theatres tomorrow to find out whether it is true.


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