Battle Of 150: Hunk Vs Unicorn Vs GS 150R
Rohit Suresh checks out the three 150cc bikes that are doing good in the Indian market.
On Jul 15, 2010

The most fiercely fought battle in the Indian bike market would be the 150cc segment.

With all bike manufacturers giving the best out of their bikes with styling, tech goodies and many more, it is a segment where the competition is intense. In this comparison show, the contenders are Hero Honda Hunk, Suzuki GS150R & Honda Unicorn.

Hero Honda Hunk

Battle Of 150: Hunk Vs Unicorn Vs GS 150R


Hero Honda, the largest bike manufacturer in India has the technological assistance of Honda, who is undoubtedly one of the front-runners among the bike manufacturers in the world.

The Hero Honda Hunk is a real ‘hunk’ not just by its name but also because of its style and performance. A day-to-day commuter with bikini fairings and lustrous paint job makes it a through and through macho bike.

It comes with gas filled shock absorbers and the comfy seat position makes for a comfortable ride. The front disc brake and the engine share components with its predecessor, the CBZ Extreme.

The engine is more refined, smooth and goes to a top notch of 114km/hr. The mileage is pretty good at 55km/l. It has a free revving nature and with its power of 14.4 Bhp@8,500rpm, it handles pretty well around the corners. The bike gets an all black theme, which makes it look meaner.

The bike is priced at Rs. 64,000 with the entire tech goodies and the awesome styling makes it one of the most value-for-money-bikes available in the Indian market.

It is available in four colours viz.Force Silver, Candy Blazer Red, Ebony Gray, Sports Red and Panther Black. Currently, it is also available in two metallic shades under the limited edition tag.

Pros: Comfortable ride, muscular styling, affordable price, spare parts are comparatively cheaper.

Cons: Vibrations and the analog speedometer.

Suzuki GS 150R

Battle Of 150: Hunk Vs Unicorn Vs GS 150R

Image Courtesy: Suzukimotorcycle.co.in

Suzuki. Hear the name and the first thing that flashes your mind is its flagship model - Hayabusa, the fastest bike in the world.

Don’t get fooled by the 150cc tag on Suzuki’s GS150R because it is mated to a 6 speed gearbox. The bike mainly is designed for a hassle-free urban commuting experience.

The engine balancer technology takes care of the vibrations and also enhances the ride quality.

It comes equipped with the world’s first Eco Mode rpm indicator, which helps in optimum gearshifts. GS 150R has a digital speedometer unlike its rivals. Its headlamps inspired from its bigger brother GSX1000R looks good on the bike. The tail lamps too are aerodynamically designed and are integrated to its rear.

The engine of GS 150R delivers a maximum power of 13.8 Bhp@8,500rpm and a torque of 13.14Nm@6,000rpm. It comes with a throttle-positioning sensor to give you the type of ride and performance you always dreamed of.

It doesn’t have mono-suspension or Fi but the bling factor in this bike is that it could be ridden in 2modes viz. the Eco Mode to conserve fuel and the Power-Mode to rev it like a sport bike.

The bike handles well with its gas filled shock absorber and its diamond frame adds rigidity to the bike. It returns s mileage of nearly 60-65km/ l.

GS 150R is available in Candy Max Orange/Pearl Nebular Black, Metallic Flint Grey, Pearl Nebular Black and Candy Dark Greenish Blue/ Pearl Nebular Black for an on-road price of Rs. 67, 582 in Trivandrum.

Pros: Technologically advanced, 6-speed gearbox, aerodynamic design.

Cons: It is heavier than the Hunk and Unicorn.

Honda Unicorn

Battle Of 150: Hunk Vs Unicorn Vs GS 150R

Image Courtesy: Honda2wheelersindia.com


Honda stepped into the Indian market with its ‘Wing Rider’, the Honda Unicorn.

Stylish, conservative and uncompromising quality is the right way to introduce this bike.

The mono suspension is a unique feature of Unicorn and the first of it’s kind in India. Also it is equipped with constant volume carburetor, 5 speed gearbox, tumble free combustion, multi mapping cdi, progressive braking and the list goes on and on. All these tech goodies make it the most value-for-money-bike in this competition.

The handling is breathtaking, be it the corners or the straights. The mono suspension takes care of the bumps and potholes with élan.

It has a bulky petrol tank adding to the looks of the bike. The progressive braking is a gem of a feature – the bike doesn’t jolts to a stop on applying the discs but it progress better with the braking and stops where you want it.

The reliability and quality factor is what makes it stand apart among its competitors. This bike is a perfectionist – no major faults with it. Unicorn reminds you of the ad-line of yesteryear’s Suzuki Samurai that read: The bike with no problem.

It returns a mileage or 60km/l and the most interesting factor about this bike is that, no matter how rash you ride this bike, correct yourself and the bike forgives you by giving the mileage you expected of it.

Unicorn is available in Pearl Igneous Black, Space Silver Metallic and Pearl Siena Red for an on-road price of Rs. 67,235 in Trivandrum.

Pros: Relaibility, mono suspension, design

Cons: The tail lamps are a bit flimsy

Yentha Verdict

If you are the kind of person who would go for a macho looking day-to-day street commuter with good riding comfort and muscular styling and all these at an affordable price, Hunk is your choice.

Choose Unicorn if what you want is a classy no nonsense bike. And if you are someone who would like your bike to have some awesome tech goodies, and if ride comfort is your top priority, think not twice before getting yourself a GS 150R.

Rohit Suresh


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interesting comparo. but i feel the dazzler needs to be given a serious look at. its intersting when u compare the hunk and the dazzler, both are rather similar in their outlook . but the dazzler would beat the hunk on almost all fronts save price,infact i belive the dazzlers the best 150 out there at the moment, if it werent for its premium pricing
Philippose, on Jul 15, 2010 08:59:15 PM
@philippose,the thing is about the comparison with the older version of unicorn not the dazzler.the dazzler would be uploaded by nxt week
Rohith Suresh, on Jul 15, 2010 09:52:33 PM
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