Aanandam gives an insight to the explosion of activities and feelings that happens during the phenomenon called Industrial Visit or rather college tour, says Sriram.
On Oct 22, 2016

Over the years, the name ‘Vineeth Sreenivasan’ has evolved into one of the most trustworthy brands in Malayalam film Industry. Even before the release, the presence of that name as the producer set apart a movie featuring 30 new actors and many new technicians. Yet again he keeps the trust the audience have on him, as the director Ganesh Raj delivers a joyous ride for those who step in.


What makes Aanandam special is the powerful way it can make a recent college graduate look into his/her own campus life. The term campus life itself has been subject to a sea of evolution over the last ten years and it reflects onscreen as well. At an age, where engineering colleges are more common than ever and the number of engineering graduates are at an all time high,Aanandam is tailor made for all of them. It revolves around one of the most exciting and inflammable aspects of college life, i.e Industrial Visit. As it is told in the movie, it’s the IV that provides the students  a breath of fresh air, from the repetitive life of classes, assignments and exams. It provides them opportunities like never before, opening them doors into the lives of their friends. Ganesh Raj reproduced the atmosphere of excitement and uncertaintywith utmost perfection. The characters have been well designed and presented, taking each of them deep into the hearts of the viewer. Every moment in Aanandam has some thing or the other to relate, with respect to the fun, feelings or concerns.


The first half of the movie was so much full of life that one wouldn’t feel the time passing by. As it entered the core of the story, the situations and feelings intensified. Unlike the first half, it gradually floated a little away from the life of an average Malayali engineering student. The transformations and drama were well executed complemented superbly by the cinematography. But it was evident that there was more room for genuine feelings towards the end.The characters by then established a firm grip on the audience, to take them comfortably all the way. It is worth noting that, like in real life each character of Aanandam has a story of themselves. Its just that it was Akshay who stand more close to the ambitious but apprehensive average B.tech student was chosen. Ganesh Raj proved that he is the class topper of the Vineeth school by the way he projected the character Diya and simultaneously Diya’s impact of on Akshay.It would remind one of the landmark 'Thattathin Marayathu' by Vineeth himself.


Like Jomon T John does for Vineeth movies,  Anend C Chandran played a vital role in giving life to Aanandam through his breath taking visuals. His frames were brimming with freshness.


The cast did an excellent job to makeAanandam closer to life. Their performance reminds the viewer of their own classmates or sometimes even themselves. The stand out performers were Thomas Matthew as Akshayand Sidhi Mahajankatti as Diya. The others too did a fine job if not better.


Sachin Warrier debuts as a music director in Aanandam. His scores added energy and feel to the situations. But it definitely did not reach the level of being a driving force inside the minds of the viewers.


Aanandam gives an insight to the explosion of activities and feelings thathappens during the phenomenon called Industrial Visit or rather college tour. Those with recent experience can see a glimpse of themselves in Aanandam. While nostalgia remains the main attraction of the movie, swaying away from the average college life hinders the flow a bit. But Aanandam is definitely watchable for the genuine characters and situations in it.


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