Top Ten Books This Week - October 20, 2014
Top fiction and non-fiction works of this week.
On Oct 20, 2014


1)Clive Thompson:Smarter Than You Think:How technology is changing Our Minds for the Better: Rs 350.00

In this groundbreaking book, wired writer Clive Thompson argues that the Internet is boosting our brainpower, encouraging new ways of thinking and making us more not less intelligent as is so often claimed. Our lives have been changed utterly and irrevocably by the rise of the Internet and it is only now that we can begin to analyse this extraordinary phenomenon. The author argues that as we rely more and more for machines to help us think, our thinking itself is becoming richer and more complex. Were able to learn more, retain it longer, to write in curious new forms and even to think entirely new types of thoughts. Smarter than you think is filled with stories of people who are living through these profound technological changes. In a series of postcards from the near future, we meet characters such as Gordon Bell, an ageing millionaire who is saving a digital copy of everything that happens to him and Eric Horvitz, one of the worlds leading artificial-intelligence researchers, who is creating software that is designed to let your computer sense your mood and then predict when youre going to be most productive at work. Lucidly written and argued, smarter than you think is a breathtaking original look at our brave new world.

2)Bill Mcdermott: Winners Dream:A Global CEO's Life Lessons in Sales, Motivation and Leadership :Rs 699.00

In the pantheon of CEOs, few people have the visibility, charisma and hunger of Bill McDermott. His career is a classic story of ambi - tion and drive: from the hard - knock streets of his youth in Long Island, to his first forays in business behind the counter of a deli he bought and then operated at the age of 17, to his extraordinary rise through the Xerox Corporation where he pleaded for his first job, to his emergence as the CEO of one of the most celebrated and ad - mired global companies of our age. His stories - at turns hilarious and moving, but always inspiring - offer invaluable lessons in self - direction, management and leadership. Colorful and fast - paced, Bill's anecdotes contain effective takea - ways: gutsy career moves empathetic sales strategies incentives that yield exceptional team performance and proof of the competi - tive advantages of optimism and hard work. At the heart of Bill's story is a blueprint for success and the knowledge that the real dream is the journey, not a preconceived destination.

3)Nick Davies:Hack Attack:How the Truth Caught up with Rupert Murdoch:Rs 699.00

Since 2008, award-winning investigative journalist Nick Davies has worked tirelessly - determined, driven, brilliant - to uncover the truth about the goings on behind the scenes at the News of the World and News International. This book now brings us the definitive, inside story of the whole scandal. How a network of lawyers, politicians and celebrities worked with Davies to expose the facts and to stand up to Rupert Murdoch, arguably one of the most powerful men in the world; how News International attempted to protect itself with lies and threats and money; how the police and the press regulators failed; how the prime minister ended up with the wrong man inside his office. Hack Attack discloses in detail for the first time the full extent of crimes committed by the corporation, and other Fleet Street papers, and probes Murdoch's network and his relationship with government. It is also a thrilling, nail-biting account of an investigative journalist's journey, showing us how the quest unfolded, and is a shining example of the might of good journalism. This is not simply a story about journalists behaving badly, this is a story about power and truth.Ambitious, comprehensive, gripping, essential - Hack Attack is the definitive book about the biggest scandal of our age. There will be no other book like it.

4)Peter Coleman:Making Conflict Work:Reaching Your Business Goals When You Don't See Eye to Eye: Rs 399.00

Work conflict is risky. It can go bad and poison employee health, work relationships and organizational climates, or it can go well and help to energize problem solving, innovation and bottom-line effectiveness. Managing conflicts up and down the chain of command at work can be particularly treacherous, as power differences complicate conflicts and constrain response options. Organizations are rife with stories of executives and managers who abuse their power, employees who overstep their authority, and the resulting conflicts that get stuck in downward spirals.When people find themselves in conflict, they immediately become aware of the balance of power in the situation or relationship: 'Hey, you work for me, so back off!', or 'Wow, he is much bigger and drunker than I thought he was before I told him to shut up', so understanding how conflict and power affect each other is vital to effective conflict management.In Making Conflict Work, Peter Coleman and Robert Ferguson, leading experts in the field of conflict resolution, address the key role of power in workplace tension. Coleman and Ferguson explain how power dynamics function and provide step-by-step guidance to determining your standing in a conflict and identifying and applying the strategies that will lead to the best resolution.Drawing on the authors' years of research and consulting experience, Making Conflict Work offers seven new strategies and dozens of tactics for negotiating disputes at all levels of an organization. This powerful approach can turn workplace tensions into catalysts for creativity, innovation, and meaningful change.

5) Nick Bilton: Hatching Twitter : A True Story of Money,Power,Friendship & Betrayal:Rs 450.00

Despite all the coverage of Twitter’s rise, Nick Bilton of The New York Times is the first journalist to tell the full story—a gripping drama of betrayed friendships and highstakes power struggles. The four founders—Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey, and Noah Glass—made a dizzyingly fast transition from ordinary engineers to wealthy celebrities. They fought each other bitterly for money, influence, publicity, and control as Twitter grew larger and more powerful. Ultimately they all lost their grip on it.Bilton’s unprecedented access and exhaustive reporting have enabled him to write an intimate portrait of four friends who accidentally changed the world, and what they all learned along the way.


1) Richard Flanagan : The Narrow Road to the Deep North :Rs 599.00

Forever after, there were for them only two sorts of men: the men who were on the Line and the rest of humanity, who were not.In the despair of a Japanese POW camp on the Burma Death Railway, surgeon Dorrigo Evans is haunted by his love affair with his uncles young wife two years earlier. Struggling to save the men under his command from starvation, from cholera, from beatings, he receives a letter that will change his life forever.Hailed as a masterpiece, Richard Flanagans epic novel tells the unforgettable story of one mans reckoning with the truth.

2) Cyrus Broacha : Netagiri :Rs 250.00

When Jay Huskee-the grand patriarch of the Huskee clan-falls out of a window and goes missing, he sets off a sequence of events that results in one of the biggest political showdowns in the history of the country of Gyaandostaan.In his absence, his grandson Paul must now stake claim to what is rightfully his. Backed by an ebullient crack team, Paul must now confront his greatest fears-including talking to girls-to rescue his people from an oppressive regime.Riotous and riveting, Netagiri takes a satirical look at a power-obsessed society by Indias original funnyman.

3) Gerald Seymour :Vagabond :Rs 699.00

It was a dirty job in a dirty war.Danny Curnow, known in the army family by his call sign, Vagabond, ran agents, informers. Played God with their lives and their deaths, and was the best at his job - and he quit when the stress overwhelmed him.Now he lives in quiet isolation and works as a guide to tourists visiting the monuments and cemeteries of an earlier, simpler, conflict on Normandy's D-Day beaches.Until the call comes from an old boss, Bentinick.Violence in Northern Ireland is on the rise again. Weapons are needed for a new campaign. Gaby Davies of MI5, sparky and ambitious, runs the double agent Ralph Exton, who will be the supposed middle man in brokering an arms deal with a Russian contact, Timofey.The covert world of deception and betrayal was close to destroying Danny across the Irish Sea. Fifteen years later the stakes are higher, the risks greater, and there is an added agenda on the table. If he wants to survive, Danny will have to prove, to himself, that he has not softened, that he is as hard and ruthless as before.

4) Christopher Doyle :The Mahabharata Quest : The Alexander Secret :Rs 295.00

In 334 B.C., the young Alexander has already conquered most of the known world. He turns his gaze towards Hindustan, the land of the Indus. There, he seeks a secret buried in the Mahabharata, one that will grant him the powers of a god. In the present day, a tomb is uncovered in Greece, one that has been buried in secrets for over 2000 years. It hides the body of a queen. In New Delhi, the discovery of strange and unexplained corpses in a hidden lab leads Vijay Singh and his team, members of an elite task force, in a hunt for a deadly adversary. Their only clues lie hidden in the Mahabharata, and when they decipher them, they will discover the truth many people have sought for eons. In this journey, they face an ancient enemy who will yet hold the world for ransom with his diabolical plan for total domination.This book follows The Mahabharata Secret.

5)Chetan Bhagat :Half Girlfriend :Rs 176.00

Madhav is a Bihari boy with big dreams who falls in love with the beautiful Riya, a rich lass from Delhi. There are some fundamental differences between the two. Madhav’s English isn’t all that great, but Riya speaks the best English. Madhav wants Riya to be his girlfriend but Riya disagrees. She wants them to be just friends but he definitely wants more. Riya finally comes up with a suggestion, a compromise – she agrees to become his half-girlfriend! Chetan Bhagat presents a simple and beautiful love story that will move you with all the nuances of a modern-day relationship. It also inspires you to realize your individual dreams.

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