Symphonies Of Sand - A New Art Form
He drew a heart, eyes, ears and kidney with sand for a science project. This was the start | Dinesh Kumar
On Apr 23, 2014


K Krishnan Nair draws with a brush and glue! Then he pours some black sand over it. He then removes whatever sand is left out from the adhesive material and there comes an image of a bird, as if by magic.

It takes him hardly a minute to ‘paint’ this image which is different because of its colour and texture. It also has a 3D effect. He calls this art ‘Symphony of Sand.’

Krishnan Nair has spent his childhood near the sea shore. When he was in his ninth he drew a heart, eyes, ears and kidney with sand for a science project. The exhibit was an instant hit and his teachers encouraged him to do more of the same. This was the start.

This art had no teacher since he discovered this himself. Today, 50 years later, he is still experimenting with it. Though he does draw in conventional style he is better known for his sand art.

Though his main characters are mythological he does have different urges like his work with tribal women as the theme.

Nair collects sand from across the country - Kannur, Rameshwaram, Bangalore, Kanyakumari and many other places in India. But his collection is not limited to India. He receives sand from his relatives as well as former students. This collection of sand comes from different parts of the globe including the US, Spain, Dubai and so on.

He says with a twinkle in his eye, “I am going to get sand from Singapore on May 2. I have a collection of 31 shades of sand.”

His works are sold for Rs.4,000 per square feet. His portraits are sold for Rs.6,000 per square feet.

A pensioner after donning the role of an arts teacher at Government School, Manacaud, has has not been taking classes for anyone for the last six years. But he says, “I would like to start teaching in the next two years.”

One can contact Krishnan Nair at +91 96450 83013.

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