Happy New Year (Hindi): Not Happy At All - Film Review
Farah Khan could have made this a watchable affair, instead she went for extreme excesses which resulted in a wasted opportunity says Aswin
On Oct 25, 2014


‘Happy New Year’ is an action comedy drama, if you can call it that, which deals with an extravagant heist motivated by revenge.

Shahrukh Khan stars as Charlie who is hell bent at bringing down the life and reputation of Charan Grover (Jackie Shroff) who was responsible for his father Manohar’s (Anupam Kher) demise.

This, he plans to do by robbing the diamonds, given by traders to Charan Grover for safe-keeping, and thus framing him of the crime. His partners in crime are Sonu Sood as Jagmohan, a half deaf ex-army man who, literally, steams up when someone insults his mother, Boman Irani as Tammy the expert safe-cracker who has occasional 30 second fits, Abhishek Bachchan as Nandu, a trashy street case who has a penchant for vomiting, and as Vicky Grover, the lustful playboy son of Charan, Vivaan Shah as Rohan who can hack almost any computer in the world and finally, Deepika Padukone as Mohini, a dancer.

That’s the plot.

Now, coming to the in betweens. There is nothing whatsoever like that. The script is sloppy and riddled with holes that at times it gets very difficult to palate what’s on screen. Discussing all the unwanted slow-mo shots, absurd humour bordering vulgarity and logic defying sequences will take a lot of time. Yet, one simply can’t avoid mentioning the outrageous over-the-top stunt scenes and the sickening shots where things, just, catch fire due to occasional romantic brush-ups between Shahrukh and Deepika.

As if it’s not enough, we have a run-time of three hours. Just imagine, three hours of whatever mentioned above and much more which is best left as is. Having said all this, there are a few bone-tickling moments in the movie which comes as momentary relief.

Farah Khan could have made this a watchable affair; instead she went for extreme excesses which resulted wasting everyone’s time. One could gloss over that since she is a choreographer turned director. So you would at least expect her to do the dance part well! But, no.

The camera work was impressive especially the opening scene of the palm islands in Dubai and the night-time long shots. Unfortunately Manush Nandan could not run his magic over the entire three hours. Editor, Anand Subaya should have been absolutely ruthless, but he wasn’t. So we end up watching something which is unusually long and terrible.

One could pity the actors. They have tried their best to do what they can with this script. Shahrukh does an average job as Charlie. Boman and Sonu Sood were passable. Abhishek Bachchan is a comic relief in this drab movie. Deepika is good as the passionate dancer. Vivaan Shah and Jackie Shroff, even though is the chief antagonist, have nothing much to do.

Let’s make it simple. ‘Happy New Year’ is a heist movie which seems so ludicrous at times that you will feel like kicking yourself for spending time and money on this. For hardcore SRK fans who are ready to unplug their common sense for three hours, go for it!
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