Kerala To Have The First BlackBerry Innovation Zone In India
Startup Village in Kerala will launch a zone for the latest innovations from BlackBerry | By Yentha
On Jun 01, 2012


Trivandrum: Research In Motion (RIM) and Startup Village today announced the launch of the first BlackBerry Innovation Zone in India, which will be located at Rubus Labs in the Kerala-based Startup Village. This will be the first Innovation Zone in the Asia Pacific region, and will showcase the latest in BlackBerry technology to inspire future entrepreneurs.

“Our partnership with RIM marks a historic moment for Startup Village as RIM, which has revolutionised the mobile industry globally, will create an Innovation Zone in India to share experiences with young technology entrepreneurs in the country,” said Mr. Sanjay Vijayakumar, Chairman, (Board of Governors), Startup Village.

"We thank RIM for selecting Startup Village for its first Innovation Zone in India. The overall objective of the partnership is to motivate young minds by giving access to RIM’s mobile technology, as well as imparting valuable experiences and training from BlackBerry experts," said Alec Saunders, Vice President of Developer Relations and Ecosystems Development, RIM.

“We are happy to partner with Startup Village to set up our first Innovation Zone in India. Rubus Labs is designed to empower the spirit of innovation in the minds of young entrepreneurs and students in India, and we’re excited to provide them with access to the latest BlackBerry products and technical know-how,” said Alec.

Training sessions will be conducted across the 126 engineering colleges in Kerala under the BlackBerry BASE (BlackBerry Apps by Student Entrepreneurs) program as part of the campus outreach network of Startup Village.

“Rubus Labs will also be an experiential zone for school children, to introduce them to the world of smartphones and help them experience the limitless possibilities of mobile technology,” said Mr. Sijo Kuruvilla George, CEO, Startup Village.


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