Kerala Highest In Crime Rate; Kochi Most Dangerous
Kochi’s crime rate up 193 %, state’s crime rate double the national average | By Yentha
On Jul 09, 2012


Trivandrum: Kerala, with its highest literacy rate was recently tagged as the country’s most crime-prone state by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) and Kochi as the most dangerous city.

Figures compiled till 2010 show that Kerala has a crime rate of 424.1, more than double the national average of 187.6. Madhya Pradesh ranks second and Delhi third.

According to NCRB’s figures, Kochi’s crime rate shows a sudden rise of 193 % in 2010 compared to the previous year. The state also ranks highest on incidents of rioting and arson with a rate of 26 compared to the national average of 6.4.

Of the 2,41,986 incidents of violent crime in the country, Kerala accounted for 11,756, more than much larger states like Rajasthan (10,577) and comparable to its bigger neighbours such as Tamil Nadu (12,333) and Andhra Pradesh (12,491).



The state's rate of crime against women comes at 27, higher than Delhi at 24.6, which is often labeled unsafe for women. Bihar, incidentally, is one of the safest for women, recording a crime rate against women, of only 8.7.

However, officials say that Kerala is the safest place to live since the educated residents are more concerned about law and order.


“Kerala has the highest literacy rate and here even small children are aware about  their rights. There is nothing to worry seeing the report. We should be happy that the influence of people-friendly police officials have made Keralites  more open to law and order. They are now ready to address their issues.


Crime rate is calculated by examining the number of crimes committed per 1 lakh of population. When compared to other states, Keralites report crimes as they are aware of what is right and wrong,” said M M Joseph, retired DYSP, Wayanad.

Raghu Varma, State Crime Records Bureau SP says that the crime rate has increased due to the active functioning of State Anti-Women Trafficking Cell and the establishment of the Juvenile Justice Act.

 “During the year 2010-11 a lot of cases were registered and the accused were caught. We expected a steep increase in crime rates. Child labour, child trafficking and atrocities against women have been reduced due to the timely intervention of the Kerala Police. People over here have become more alert and with the help of the media, we prevent a lot of crime now,” he said.

The SP also said that most of the cases that come under these laws were reported from Kochi. That would be a reason why Kochi was tagged as the most dangerous city.


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Seriously flawed report. They have to distinguish between different types of crime and factor in crime reported and come up with a figure. This is not to say that Kerala is not crime prone but hard to believe that Kochi is worse than Delhi in terms of safety for women!
Asha Gopinathan, on Jul 10, 2012 05:15:46 AM
Stupid report already beaten to death. In Kerala, most crimes happen to be in the miscellaneous category of non-serious nature. In a state where people file police case for even cutting the branch of tree in neighbour's plot, it is expected that crimes are more in that category. Serious crimes like murder, rape, burglary etc are very less in Kerala or Kochi compared to any other state.
Janarddan, on Jul 10, 2012 11:21:58 AM
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