Indian Magician Wins International Acclaim
Preeth Pavithran from Trivandrum bags prize at 14th World Deaf Magicians Festival | By Yentha
On May 08, 2012


Trivandrum:  Magicians are people who choose to live beyond the ordinary. They know how to transmute muck into gold and negative into positive.

Preeth Pavithran, a Trivandrum based software engineer mesmerised the audience with his stellar performance in Helsinki, Finland and returned home after winning a prestigious award at the 14th World Deaf Magicians Festival held in the last week of April.



 Preeth is the first Indian to bag a prize in Comedy Magic at the biennial festival organised by the Society of World Magicians where he outshone around 50 deaf magicians from countries including US, UK, Germany, Russia and Italy.


The 30 year old magician had won first prize in Comedy Magic, State Magic and Micro Magic at the First All India Magic competition for the Deaf held in Bangalore in February this year and was qualified to represent India at the Helsinki festival. He was also adjudged the Best Magician at the competition organized by Delhi-based All India Deaf Arts & Cultural Society.


 “I was happy when I received my son’s SMS from Finland. Preeth told me that he was excited to see our national flag flying proudly at Finland when he received the prize. It was not an easy task for me when my son expressed his interest in learning magic. Most of the teachers were doubtful about communicating with my son. But Magican Muthukad his teacher, never ever told me that he needs to hear to learn magic. Now he has proven that his teacher was right, smiled K N Pavithran, Preeth’s father.


The International Deaf Magicians Festival is conducted every year since 1986 with a mission to bring all deaf young and adult magicians and give them a platform to exchange ideas, improve their performance skills and to promote their magic shows in other national deaf clubs and associations in different countries.

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Nice article. Thanks Yentha! Preeth is a wonder - both as a magician and as a man. He sends a loud message - deformities are not deformities if the person has got a will and focus in life. Of course his learning under Gopinath Muthukad was fostering his will...
K.P. Sivakumar, on May 09, 2012 01:15:45 PM
Thank you Sivakumar
Team Yentha, on May 09, 2012 04:48:46 PM
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