Gandhian P Gopinathan Nair Honoured
Kerala University honours the newly elected Chairman of the All India Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi | By Yentha
On Apr 24, 2012


Trivandrum: Kerala University honoured the newly elected Chairman of the All India Gandhi SmarakaNidhi, P Gopinathan Nair on April 24 at the University Senate Hall.

Excise Minister K Babu inaugurated the function invoking, “Every youngster in Kerala should follow Gandhian principles. One can lead a happy and peaceful life only by being compassionate towards their fellow beings. It is my privilege to be a part of this function.”



“Gandhiji’s life itself is a message for us. Everything we do should concentrate on the promotion and progress of the country. We should eliminate corruption from India through youngsters,” said P Gopinathan Nair.

Kerala University Vice Chancellor Professor A Jayakrishnan in his presidential address expressed his happiness over selecting P Gopinathan Nair as the new Chairman of the All India Gandhi SmarakaNidhi. “It is a recognition for Malayalees. I am sure that leaders like him will inspire the current generation to follow Gandhian principles,” he added.


Renowned Indian poet and activist Sugathakumari said that P Gopinathan Nair is one among the fast disappearing species, which has to be listed in the Red Data Book. “It is sad that only a very few like him are now available in India. It is easy to preach Gandhian ideologies but it is very difficult to live with them,” she said. She also articulated her contempt towards the changing attitude of Malayalees towards race, cast, gender and religion.

 P Gopinathan Nair is a staunch Gandhian who has worked with Gandhiji, travelling all over India since the Quit India Movement. He was involved in movements dealing with social issues, such as Gramdan, Bhoodan and cow protection for more than six decades. He has been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Vinobha Bhave and has established a group called Shanti Sena, which works for peace in communal tension prone areas like Ayodhya, Thalasseri, Kuttanad, Kozhikode, Punjab and West Bengal. He is the senior most advocate of Gandhian Principles in Kerala.

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