Dissolving Human Boundaries
The award winning thirty four minute documentary film deals with the plight of 151 Pakistani Hindus who seek refuge in India | By Yentha
On Apr 28, 2012


Trivandrum: 'Human Boundaries', a documentary film based on Hindu refugees from Pakistan, was screened at the Mascot Hotel on Friday. The film, directed by NeST Business Analyst, Rahul Riji Nair, has already been screened at numerous venues in eight states. Many highly respected names from the movie industry were present for the screening including Lenin Rajendran, Shaji Kailas, K Madhu and T K Rajeev Kumar. Director Shaji N Karun 'switched on' the screening of the documentary.


Shaji Kailas and Suresh Kumar


'Human Boundaries' deals with the plight of 151 Pakistani Hindus who seek refuge in India. Shot at short notice, under severe time constrains and lacking from proper equipment, in a not-so-friendly environment, by a team who has no other qualification other than their passion for making a movie, 'Human Boundaries' was well appreciated by everyone in the audience.


Rahul Riji Nair



“A film is all about different images that evoke the thought, will and passion in the viewer. In that sense I would say that the images portrayed in 'Human Boundaries' are honest, bare and right on the point,” said Shaji N Karun.

“A movie is all about communication and 'Human Boundaries' communicate well with the audience,” said Director Shaji Kailas.



The documentary film, which was independently financed, shot and edited by the crew, had its distribution rights bought by Commodity Films, an US-based production and distribution company. The film brings into light the largely unheard suffering of the Hindu population who stayed behind in Pakistan during the time of partition. What was a population of 3 crores has come down to 30 lakhs in the sixty five years since the two nations were formed. Denied of even cremation rights, these people prefer dying in India rather than being transported back to Pakistan. The narration has been done by the director himself, bridging the various scenes which have been excellently put together by the editor S G Anoop.


Shaji N Karun


Before the screening of the movie, Rahul shared with the audience the hardships, obstacles and the severe limitations which they  overcame to make the film.


“We would consider it our greatest achievement if any genuine change is brought into the lives of those people through this documentary film,” he said.

'Human Boundaries' comes with a V/U certificate, in spite of dealing with a very sensitive issue, both religious wise and political wise. Midway in its nation-wide screening, 'Human Boundaries' also won the first runners up for 'Cinematheque 2012', a film festival conducted at St Xavier's college, Kolkata, in association with the Xaverian Film Academy.

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