Capital City To Have A Film City
The Rs.400 crore mega project would be carried out jointly by KSFDC and KSIDC at the Chitranjali Studio Complex | By Yentha
On May 05, 2012

Trivandrum: The movie industry of the state would receive a major alteration to its landscape if the proposed project jointly mooted by KSIDC (Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation) and KSFDC (Kerala State Film Development Corporation) gets realised within the prescribed time. The proposal is for Trivandrum to have the first film city in the state, to be built at a cost of Rs.400 crores, on the fifty acres of land owned by KSFDC in Chitranjali Studio Complex.




“KSFDC has seventy acres of land over there, of which fifty acres would be utilised for building the film city,” said KSFDC Chairman Sabu Cherian.


The city would be built on PPP (Public Private Partnership) basis, where KSFDC's share would be Rs.150 crores, by way of the land on which the film city would be built. As for the rest, KSIDC has been entrusted with the job of floating tenders and get back with the best offer made by interested private parties within six months. Once the work is started, the film city could be completed in two years, and would have all requisite advanced equipment for film making such as modern cameras, crane, track and trolley, mobile units and the latest post-production solutions.


“The film city would also have a three-star hotel and an amusement park. The amusement park has been planned due to the proximity of the international tourist destination in Kovalam. The film city needs to earn its revenues even during off periods which would be collected from the visitors to the amusement park.”


At present, most Malayalam films avail of the expensive facilities from studios in Chennai and Mumbai for post-production work. This goes against the concept of Malayalam films, which have always been known for their brilliant portrayals conceived on shoe string budgets. The coming up of a film city in Trivandrum would surely go in favour of makers trying to reduce costs in making a movie.


The proposed film city is conceived on the model of Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, which is still the world's largest integrated film studio complex, spread over an area of 2,000 acres. (The Ramoji Film City is set to lose this distinction once the Prayag Film City in Chandrakona, near Kolkata, West Bengal, becomes fully operational by 2013.)


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