Aranmula Metal Mirror: A Unique Handicraft Of Kerala
The exhibition and sale of the intriguing mirror made without glass fascinates tourists | By Yentha
On Mar 22, 2012



Trivandrum: Hundreds flocked to possess the Aranmula Kannadi, known to be an auspicious object that heralds prosperity. The ongoing exhibition at SMSM Institute, Trivandrum features various models of the Aranmula metal mirror at prices ranging from Rs.2,000 to Rs.70,000.

“The in-house exhibition is being organised by the Institute to promote Aranmula mirrors and to increase sales by offering a 10 percentage discount. We started the exhibition on March 8 and we have already sold a good number of pieces by now,” said K J George, Manager SMSM Institute, Trivandrum.



Aranmula Kannadi is an extraordinary metal mirror, which is one of the eight auspicious articles of the ‘ashtamangalyam’ set that is considered as a blessing for brides. This unique metal mirror reflects the rich cultural and metallurgical tradition of Kerala.


The village of Aranmula in Kerala has been manufacturing this auspicious mirror since the early 18th century and its manufacturing is restricted to a family of master craftsmen in Aranmula.


“There is a lot of difference between ordinary mirrors and the metallic mirror. Ordinary mirrors have a silver nitrate coating but this is absent in Aranmula mirrors, which are made from a special metallic alloy, the ingredients of which is a closely guarded secret,” said Elizabeth, employee of SMSM Institute.


The origin of the mirror is linked with the Aranmula Parthasarthy Temple. Legend says that master craftsmen from eight temples were brought to Aranmula and they stumbled upon this unique technique while they were making a crown for the deity. The temple chief was delighted with this mirror and included it among the 8 auspicious objects used to worship the Goddess in the temple.



“We consider that owning an Aranmula Kannadi brings good luck to our lives,” smiled Saraswathy from Palakkad, who was one of the numerous visitors at the venue.

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Aranmula Kannadi is really beautiful. but the SMSM prices are bit high even if they give 10% discount. you can buy the aranmula kannadi online at
Ren Abraham, on Mar 23, 2012 08:51:19 PM
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Aranmula Kannadi , on Oct 25, 2017 08:41:51 PM
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