Sevottam Counter Opened At Income Tax Office
Efforts on to make the department more people-friendly | By Yentha
On Aug 10, 2011


Trivandrum: A 'sevottam' counter, the second in the state, after Kochi, was inaugurated at the Income Tax office located at Kowdiar. The counter was inaugurated by the Chief Commissoner of Income Tax,  S K Pahwa.


The objective of the 'sevottam' counter is excellence in delivery. At the core of 'sevottam' is Ayakar Seva Kendra (ASK), which is a one-stop computerised shop for tax payers to obtain services promised by the department in its citizen's charter in a time-bound manner. In order to achieve these objectives, 'sevottam' provides a front office, backed by a re-engineered process and personnel with a new outlook so that the grievances of tax payers are not only redressed quickly but also eventually prevented.



Suresh Kumar, office superintendent of the income tax office, Trivandrum, explained the functioning of the 'sevottam' counter. “The purpose of opening the 'sevottam' counter is to reduce the grievance of  people concerning the functioning of the department. The thapal is received online in the counter and is processed with the pan number and bar code given to each consumer. The results are then dispatched online to the concerned sections. If there is any problem or complaint in a particular section, then the personnel in that section can record it into the network, making it possible for it to be searched and found at the relevant counter. People are thus saved from the arduous task of going from section to section to get their requests attended to.”





The counter, for now, functions from a small office room in the second floor of the building, but would soon be expanded to cover the entire ground floor. This move will make it more easily accessible to the public. 


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