Sajeev Pazhoor’s Short Fiction Film ‘Choodu’
The film depicts the psychological change and uncontrolled sweating of a man who commits a murder along with his friend | By Yentha
On Aug 24, 2011


Trivandrum: Famous documentary director Sajeev Pazhoor’s short fiction film ‘Choodu’ premiered at Kalabhavan on Monday. This 28-minute film was written, scripted and directed by Sajeev himself.



Murugan is the central character in the film. In his presence, his friend Natarajan, murders a girl and after this incident Murugan is haunted by pangs of guilt. This, for some strange reason, makes him sweat profusely. To overcome this, he is forced to change some of his habits.



Gradually his sweating becomes unbearable to others including his wife and daughter. Everyone starts to scorn him.  Murugan is unable to handle this psychological change and his friend Natarajan exploits the situation to have an affair with his wife.



The film begins with the dream of Murugan’s daughter, after his death and by  the end of the film, Murugan’s wife and his friend take over the burden of guilt from Murugan.


Sajeev Pazhoor beautifully narrates how a common man battles his guilty feeling. The film also pictures the sensibility of the people around him in that situation. Sariga Samad plays Murugan, Shobha Mohan plays his wife Rajam and Meera Nair is the daughter.


The film was produced by K X Thomas under the Night Light Banner. Cinematography is by Praveen Paniker  while John Paul does the editing and Ramesh Narayan composed the music.



Famous directors and writers including ONV Kurupu attended the premiere. 

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