Onam Special: An Onam Like No Other
Ekalavya Ashram celebrates 'Pilleronam' | By Yentha
On Jul 27, 2010


Trivandrum: Every Malayali knows that Thiruvonam or Onam is officially celebrated on the Thiruvonam day of the Chingam month of the Malayalam calendar.

But how many of you know that Onam was celebrated in Trivandrum today?

The celebration was organised by the Ekalavya Ashram headed by Swami Ashwathi Tirunal and the participants were the inmates of the schools run by the ashram.


Eklavya Ashram Celebrates Pillaronam

Girls of  Bharatiya Vidya Gramam takes part in Onam games


“Well, it is not the Onam that you think it is. This is called ‘Pilleronam’ and this is mainly for the kids,” said an inmate of the ashram.

‘Pilleronam’ was a prominent ritual in Kerala once upon a time but had faded as years went by. ‘Pilleronam’ was usually celebrated 27 days before Thiruvonam in the month of Chingam.

Intermittent rains mark the month of Karkidakam and ‘Pilleronam’ was celebrated with much fun and frolic amidst the rains.



Eklavya Ashram Celebrates Pillaronam

Boys of Bharatiya Vidya Gramam school takes part in Onam games

Eklavya Ashram Celebrates Pillaronam

Swami Ashwathi Tirunal, Founder, Eklavya Ashram, gives the inaugural speech


It was believed that there would be a break of about 10 days from the rains and ‘Pilleronam’ was celebrated in one of these days.

It is a shortened version of the Onam, sans the Onakkodi (new dress), Athapookkalam (floral decoration), etc. except the Onasadya (Onam feast).


In an attempt to revive the tradition of ‘Pilleronam’, Ekalavya Ashramam organised a children’s festival in connection with Onam at Vilappilsala and Chapath, Vizhinjam.

Contrary to the ‘Pilleronam’ of the past, the festival organised by the ashramam saw ‘Athapookkalam’ (floral decoration), ‘Oonjalaattam’ (swing ride), ‘Onasadya’ (Onam Feast), and Onam games by the children. They welcomed Onam with songs and dances.

The function held at Villapilsala Bharatiya Vidya Gramam school was inaugurated by Swami Aswathy Tirunal himself. Sudhakaran Nair of EMS Academy, Panchayat Standing Committee member Vijayakumar, and Prof. Manju Gopi attended the function.




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