'Nakshatravanam' At Putharikandam Maidan
Minister inaugurates 'nakshatravanam' project by planting a tree as a tribute to Sugatha Kumari | By Yentha
On May 14, 2010


Minister for Forest and Housing, Binoy Viswam, inaugurated the “nakshatravanam” scheme at  Putharikandam Maidan, by planting a “kanjiram” tree, today evening in a function presided over by Mayor C Jayan Babu, V Sivankutty MLA,  and Deputy Mayor V Jayaprakash. Nakshatravanam, literally meaning a 'forest of stars', is a collection of 27 varieties of plants which are believed to represent the 27 star signs. The project is part of the renovation program of the Putharikandam Maidan.

Putharikandam Maidan has always been a part of the history of the city right from its earlier days as the capital of the erstwhile princely state of Travancore. The renovation is  being done so as  turn it into a venue with all modern facilities while keeping its historical value intact. The 8.60  acre ground will be revamped with modern facilities while keeping its inner portion intact as the ground it once was. Two modern stages, green rooms, gates and entrances, generator room, parking area, rainwater harvesting plant, paddy field, electrification,  ‘nakshatravanam’,  footpaths etc will be built into the maidan (ground) turning it into a safe and attractive recreation area, right at the center of the city.

Today’s program included the official start of planting the 27 varieties of plants representing the star signs, along with other rare species of plants. “The cost for this project has been estimated at around Rs.1,0250,000,” said  K Biju IAS, Secretary of Trivandrum Corporation, presenting the report on behalf of the corporation. “A committee headed by the Mayor  is meeting every Monday to evaluate the progress of the work and to ensure that it is completed in time and  before the tenure of the corporation ends. Scientists from Palode Tropical Botanical Garden are working closely with the committee to help complete the project efficiently,” he said.

Mayor C Jayan Babu spoke about the long history of the Putharikandam Maidan. He said: “Our former Chief Minister, C Achutha Menon had once said that the maidan should be retained as such and that we should not destroy an important part of our culture while modernizing the city. Since then we have always wanted to abide by his wishes and keep the venue intact. Many suggestions had come up including building large complexes here. But in the end we have decided to do it according to the wishes of our late minister.”
nakshatravanam yentha
Forest Minister Binoy Viswam plants a kanjiram tree to inaugurate the Nakshatravanam project

Minister Binoy Viswam lighted the lamp and later planted a “kanjiram” tree to inaugurate the programme. “The star signs are all about beliefs,” said the minister. “Suguthakumari, veteran poet and an ardent supporter of nature conservation, is not here to do the honors. Her star is “aswathy”. The kanjiram tree is representative of that star in the nakshatravanam concept. Though I am not a believer, I am planting the tree representing her star as a tribute to her."

The renovation program for the Putharikandam Maidan, after long processes of planning and re-planning, is finally in its last stages. A small stage has been built with greenrooms near the gates to hold small functions. The center ground area has been retained and a larger stage has been built at the far end to accommodate events requiring large venues.

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