Malayalam Cinema Bids Adieu To Venu Nagavally
When Bharathan and Padmarajan led the revolutionary movement in Malayalam cinema, Venu Nagavally was a torchbearer who broke new ground | By Yentha
On Sep 09, 2010


Kowdiar, Trivandrum: The city stood soaked in rain. It was 1 am. Not many of us were awake and the nature stood a mute witness to a dear departing soul.

Prominent Malayalam actor, screenwriter and director Venu Nagavally passed away on Thursday morning succumbing to liver disease at a private hospital in Trivandrum. He was 61. He is survived by his wife Meera and son Vivek.

If the 1980s and the early 1990s can be termed as a revolutionary era of Malayalam movies with Bharathan and Padmarajan leading the movement, Venu Nagavally was a torchbearer who broke new ground. When he played the role of a melodramatic hero in movies like ‘Ulakadal’ (1978), ‘Shalini Ente Koottukari’ (1978), ‘Chillu’ (1982) and ‘Devadas’ (1989), he brought passion and vibrancy of young blood into Malayalam movies with his directorial ventures like ‘Sukhamo Devi’ (1986), ‘Sarvakalsala’ (1987) and ‘Lal Salam’ (1990).

That he was also natural with humour was well proven in ‘Aye Auto’ (1990) and ‘Kilukkam’ (1991) for which, he did the script.

Venu's movies always talked the heart's language. Friendship and love were his favourite themes as those were the emotions closest to his heart. Nagavally's directorial debut in - 'Sukhamo Devi’ (1986) - was inspired by his own life and had made a generation weep and think.

During his tenure as an announcer at All India Radio, Venu Nagavally was a popular figure among the youth.

Venu Nagavally Passes Away

Literary icon George Onakoor pays homage to Venu Nagavally


Born on April 16 1949 as the son of the renowned writer, commentator and broadcaster Nagavally RS Kurup, Venu did his schooling at Model School, Trivandrum, and completed his Bachelor's degree from the University College, Trivandrum.

Venu Nagavally's body has been kept at his residence at Kowdiar for the public to pay homage from 8 am and will be taken to VJT Hall for public viewing at 1pm. The cremation will take place at 4 pm at Santhi Kavadam, Thycaud.


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