MEMU - Still In Pipeline
A probable answer to the travelling woes of rail commuters, the arrival of MEMU is being delayed due to various reasons, with lack of funds topping the list | By Yentha
On Oct 24, 2011


Trivandrum: The schedule for the two daily MEMU (Mainline Electrical Multiple Units) trains between the Kollam-Nagercoil stretch and the Kollam-Eranakulam stretch was announced in the railway time table that came into effect last July. But the train is yet to roll down the tracks because of the lack of a maintenance shed. Work is being currently carried out at Kollam railway station for the construction of service building and MEMU car shed. But the delay in timely completion of the project has made the construction wing demand another 4 crores to finish the work, which the railway ministry is not particularly interested to shell out.


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The introduction of MEMU cars will wean the short distance commuters away from the long distance trains, thereby improving their running time while reducing the crowding in them. To properly handle the huge amount of people dependent on trains for their daily commuting, a MEMU rack for the state must have fifteen coaches, or at the very least twelve; but the MEMU that has been allocated to the state, which is yet to begin running, has only eight cars in it, which is grossly insufficent to meet the demands.

All the major rail segments where the MEMU is supposed to be running are already over saturated with the existing rail traffic. The saturation rate stands 120% for Kollam-Trivandrum stretch, 140% for Eranakulam- Kayamkulam (via Alapuzha) and 160% for Eranakulam – Kayamkulam (via Kottayam). Under such conditions, the railways are asking for two separate lines dedicated exclusively for the running of MEMU, which obviously cannot be met by the state government because of shortage of land available.

However it is expected for the two MEMUS to start running by December, one between the Kollam-Eranakulam stretch and one between the Kollam-Nagercoil stretch, by utilizing the car shed at Palakkad for maintenance. Yet the completion of the shed and service building at Kollam remains indefinite.


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Can someone tell what MEMU stands for? Is this electric engine? If so, is the TVM - NGL segment already have electric lines? Does MEMY needs additional track? I dont remember the TVM - NGL segment having double lanes installed. Sorry, teh article didnt cover lot of this information, any addl information will be helpful. Thanks!!
Vino Kingston, on Oct 24, 2011 07:32:02 PM
@ Vino Kingston - MEMU stands for Mainline Electrical Multiple Units. Please read the related Yentha article for more details. Thanks for the feedback.
Team Yentha, on Oct 24, 2011 07:37:37 PM
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