Free Software Enthusiasts Celebrate Ubuntu 10.04 Release
Ubuntu 10.04 is set to become the choice of operating system to be used in state government offices | By Yentha
On May 02, 2010

STATUE: A new version of the free software distribution Ubuntu - Ubuntu 10.04 - was released on April 29. A group of free software enthusiasts today gathered at the press club here to introduce the version and promote the use of free software. The group comprised the Free Software Users Group-Trivandrum (FSUG-TVM), SPACE (Society for Promoton of Alternative Computing and Employment) Kerala and a Trivandrum-based IT company called Zyxware Technologies.

Sooraj Kenoth, a free software enthusiast working at Zyxware, said: "Free software defines the freedom to use software. There are four types of freedom that it advocates: freedom to use, freedom to share, freedom to access and modify source code and freedom to distribute the modified code. A distribution is a complete package with all the basic softwares you'd need. One such distribution is ubuntu."

ubuntu release yentha
The ubuntu cake ready to be cut at the release celebration of Lucid Lynx
ubuntu release yentha
A new user of free software cuts the ubuntu cake

Ubuntu 10.04 is set to become the choice of operating system to be used in state government offices. The easy-to-use interface, and the guarantee to be a virus-free desktop make Ubuntu a favorite among the free software users. The latest version of ubuntu called 'Lucid Lynx' was released on April 29. Some of its features include improved interface design, fast boot speed, social network integration (Facebook/Twitter desktop integration), online storage services and the Ubuntu One Music Store.

The freesoftware users cut a cake to celebrate the release. The celebrations also included distribution of CDs, install fest and training for new users.
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