Coconut Man Enthralls Trivandrum
Keshav Swain is a world record holder for smashing coconuts with his bare hands | By Syam Nath
On Jul 25, 2010


Kanakakunu,Trivandrum:KeshavSwain from Orissa has come to the land of coconuts to show the natives what he can do to coconuts.

Keshav holds a place in the Limca Book of records for the most number of coconuts broken – with his bare hands. Keshav got into the record book by smashing 72 green coconuts in a minute. Plus, he does this on coconuts with its entire husk.

Keshav was introduced as the man who had come to teach Malayalis how to break coconuts. Snigger you might, but he proved it on stage with his antics.

As a packed Nishagandhi watched, he took the first of the coconuts and smashed it open with his elbow. He tossed it, took up the next and continued the feat. The audience sat in silence, till suddenly one green coconut was smashed with his forehead, splitting it into two, which led to thunderous applause. Keshav filled up glasses with coconut water, which was distributed, to the VIPs in the audience. He continued his feat, smashing coconuts with his elbows; arms and knees until finally he announced the last coconut and cleaved it clean into two halfs, prompting standing ovation from the audience.

After his performance, Minister C Divakaran presented him with a memento. The minister’s attempt at communicating with the man in broken Hindi brought forth laughter from the audience as it reminded Trivandrumites of some evergreen dialogues from Malayalam movies – “Hindi maloom, maloom,” said Divakaran. Keshav was also presented with a cash prize of Rs 25,000.

Keshav started the night at Kanakakunu by speaking to the audience in Hindi. He thanked the almighty for giving him the chance to perform in front of such a crowd.

Keshav Swain-Coconut Man -Yentha

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