Burger Fest At Zinc N Rock
American, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Asian, Chinese, Indian and Aussie burgers at the tip of your tongue | By Yentha
On Nov 18, 2010


Bakery Jn., Trivandrum: Two pieces of bread and a lot of yummy stuff in between. Bacon, or chicken or veg, with cheese and ketchup and mustard and mayonnaise. Yup, it is burger time!

‘Zinc n Rock’ is all set for a mega burger fest, aptly titled: ‘Burgers've Gone Krazzyy!’.

The fest will begin from Nov.19, and be open from 12pm to 10pm, and end on Nov.30.

Burgers from different countries will be at the tip of your tongue - American, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Asian, Chinese, Indian and Aussie and a huge family burger.

Another attraction is the twin burger and the triple burger.

‘Zinc n Rock’ is on an attempt to bring maximum nativity for the burgers.. For eg: the Mexican burger will have the salsa sauce and the guacamole (prepared from fresh avocado), Italian burger will have the Italian dressing and the Italian seasonings. For the Spanish, there will be Spanish sauce and fried eggs, and Chinese dishes will use prawns and mushrooms sauted in Chinese plum sauce etc.

Accompanying the family burgers and triple burgers will be potato wedges. For the twin burger it will be french fries and for the other burgers, potato chips or baked potato wafers.

The customer can also add on extra cheese, extra fried egg and can order for extra chips.



To go along with the burgers there are different types of fizzies like Sensational Grape, Pineapple Merry, Orange Opera, Green Apple Magic. Also there is soothing Ice Tea. And for the coffee lovers, there is the Cold Coffee with ice cream and Cold Coffee with Black Forest Pastry.

And the menu for desserts:- Hot Brownie, Hot brownie with vanilla ice cream, Plum surprise with vanilla ice cream, Pineapple Fantasy with vanilla and pineapple ice cream, Choconut cake and ice cream sandwich, Black Forest Pastry with vanilla ice cream, White Forest Pastry with Chocolate Ice cream.


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