BioDesign India 1.0 Concludes
'Victimless Meat' to 'Kera Computer Language' were among the unique ideas thrown up at India's first symposium on redesigning life for novel applications | By Yentha
On Oct 10, 2010


Technopark, Trivandrum: Meat that animal lovers can eat without guilt as no animals are killed and the meat is simply grown in labs, and a computer language for biology named 'Kera' were among the unique ideas thrown up at India’s first symposium on redesigning life for novel applications, titled 'BioDesign India 1.0', which concluded at the Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram after 3 days of presentations and debates on science, technology and ethics of synthetic biology.

This symposium brought together for the first time, the upcoming synthetic biology community of India and included delegates from IITs, IISc, other national institutes and universities, CSIR research labs across the country and also IT companies including TCS and Travancore Analytics. It featured 18 speakers and 50 poster presentations from different parts of the country.

The symposium featured a new computer language for synthetic biology christened 'Kera', being developed by Centre for Bioinformatics and Centre for Systems and Synthetic Biology. Researchers deliberated various aspects of synthesising life, including micro-organisms that produce the scent of the first rain, production of dis-embodied (victimless) meat grown in the lab, activating the so-called junk DNA to produce unique proteins, developing software work-bench for biology, named BioCAD (after AutoCAD in Engineering), design and synthesis of novel bio-molecules, computer aided design of drugs, development of a software model for cell, Bio-sensor for detecting Alzheimer disease, DNA origami and exploitation of 'Aarogyappacha', the wonder drug from an endemic plant of Trivandrum.

The symposium also featured a special talk on 'Jugaad Biotechnology', which brought up eerie artistic expression through synthetic biology. A new curriculum for systems and synthetic biology for post-graduate level courses was also drawn up. Dr. Pawan K Dhar, Director of the Centre for Systems and Synthetic Biology and Dr. Achuthsankar S Nair, Director, State Inter-University Centre for Bioinformatics, University of Kerala were the organising secretaries of this event.

BioDesign India 1.0 Concludes

BioDesign India - Inaugural Session: Dr. Pawan K Dhar and Dr. Achuthsankar S Nair together welcomes Prof. A Jayakrishnan, Vice-chancellor, University of Kerala


The event was inaugurated on 7th October by Prof. A Jayakrishnan, Vice-chancellor of the University of Kerala. The keynote address was given by Prof. Manju Bansal, Indian Institute of science, Bangalore.

The next edition of the event has been announced to be held at IIT, Madras in 2012 under the leadership of Dr. Guhan Jayaraman.


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