AIR Offers Nation-Wide Musical Evening
The flute and vocal concerts as part of the Sangeeth Sammelan organised by the All India Radio, gifts a mesmerising evening to the audience | By Yentha
On Sep 25, 2010


East Fort, Trivandrum:  When you watch small ripples of water fighting each other, when you sit by a seashore and feel the cool breeze touch your face gently, when you stare at the endless sky above, there would be music in your mind. If you close your eyes and listen to Sindhu Bhairavi in aadi thaalam, your mind may conjure up these images for you. It did for me as I heard the flute and vocal concerts today at the Levi Hall here, organised as part of the Akashvani Sangeeth Sammelan.

The flute concert was led by TR Srinath, with V Nalina Mohan at the violin, KU Jayachandra Rao at the mridangam, ASN Swami at the kanjira. It would be broadcast by the All India Radio (AIR) on November 18, at 10pm.

An accomplished flautist from Karnataka, Srinath is a winner of the All India Radio Music Competitions in 1996.

AIR musical night yentha

Flautist TR Srinath performs at the AIR Sangeeth Sammelan

AIR musical night yentha

Dr. K Sarawati Vidyardhi gives a vocal concert

The vocal concert was led by Dr. K Saraswati Vidyardhi, with K Charulatha Ramanujam on the violin, Kuzhalmannam G Ramakrishnan at the mridangam, M Dayananda Mohite doing the ghatam, and CP Vyasa Vittala at the kanjira. It would be broadcast by the AIR on November 20, at 9:30pm.

An Associate Professor in the Faculty of Music in Andhra University, Saraswati holds a doctorate degree in music.

The Sangeeth Sammelan was celebrated across the country by renowned practitioners of music from different states. Flute, nagaswaram, sitar, sarod, violin, clarionet, sarangi, pakhawaj, sundri, dhrupad dhamar, khanjira, mridangam, ghatam and other instruments were played by specialists in different states all over the country, today evening, to mark the occasion.


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