Women Friendly Pink Points Coming Up
Pink Points will focus on women security and hygiene; set up by Trivandrum Corporation | By Yentha
On Mar 25, 2015


Trivandrum: Although she-toilets failed to make an impact, the City Corporation is coming up with another venture. It is introducing 'Pink Points' along the city which will be a shopping space cum washroom. The space will include shops that sell products for women, basic stationery and clean toilet with modern facilities.

The first Pink Point will be set up at the Corporation premises near the facilitation centre. V care, a Bangalore based-company will be the project partner. The shop and toilet will have connection through a passage and Pink Points will be manned by women staff. Pink Points will have Indian-model toilets and also facility for disposing sanitary napkins. There will be two toilets measuring 4x4 sq ft that can be used for a nominal fee of Rs.3.

Pink Points are being introduced so as to overcome shortcomings of She Toilets and will focus on women security and hygiene. The toilet will have self-cleaning mechanisms which will be cleaned every hour. Customer care contact numbers will be displayed so that users can alert the authorities if the toilet is found to be untidy. Equipments will run on energy saving mode to save power.

Initially, the corporation is planning to install five Pink Points in the city. The location of the other pink points will be announced later. The corporation will invest Rs.15 lakh for the project it is learnt.
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