Summer Heat Reaches Its Peak
For the first time in its history, Kerala gets a warning from disaster management group not to step out into the sun | By Yentha
On Apr 28, 2016

Trivandrum: With the summer heat shooting up and water getting scarce in the state of Kerala, the disaster management department cautioned its citizens not to step out into direct sunlight during peak hours (11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.). The warning also says if at all you should step out you should be well-equipped with at least half a litre of water. Patients and elders are advised to take an ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts) packet along and to have it immediately in case of fatigue.


Many places in Trivandrum including Vizhinjam and other coastal areas are already hit by scarcity of drinking water. In these areas the residents are paying Rs.5 for a pot of drinking water. Even in residential centres like JawaharNagar and Kowdiar water scarcity has hit like never before.


With summer heat rising every year rain water harvesting and water reservoirs have become a necessity. Earlier if water harvesting was optional, in the years to come it would become a basic necessity. This summer does remind us of the need for more trees.


'Our childhood memories of summer is that of mangoes, swings and harvests. Not even once were we bothered about the heat. Never was there a drought. And today seeing the state of how our climate is changing and how air conditioning is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury it is really a scary state of affairs,’ says Raveendran Nair who is a retired Executive Enginner from KSEB and who is now working as an Electrical Engineer with NRHM.


'It is sad that we cannot even send our children out to play for the fear of sun burns. At least some fifteen years back this was not the case. And I am worried about how things would become in the coming years,' says Lavanya, an HR manager with an MNC and a mother of two. 


The least we can do is not to waste water and to recycle water as much as possible. The disaster management department has also reminded us to avoid outside work completely during peak hours to prevent sun burns and fatigue.

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