Killer Killi – A Dumping Yard For The City
The river just about flows...a dark colour with a foul smell, especially during this summer | Dinesh Kumar
On Apr 23, 2014
Trivandrum: Killi River is a tributary of River Karamana. At present, it is more a sewage drain than a river. The polluted river has turned sooty black and smells foul. All the waste can easily be dumped here since the river apparently belongs to no one. Or so it seems. The problem of disposing of waste has only compounded  matters.

Ajit Joy, Aam Aadmi Party’s Lok Sabha candidate from Trivandrum, visited Killi River to access its condition.

He states, “The river is very polluted. Lot of waste is being dumped here. It also has a share of industrial waste. Besides, because of check dams the flow is less. Also, there is a lack of water in the river.” He concludes, “Since Trivandrum does not have many alternatives to dump waste the same it is disposed here.”

Waste dumped near killi river

“Earlier the water was clean. But after the residential colonies have mushroomed in the locality waste is being dumped in this river. Also, we see many vehicles halting at this bridge (Jagathy Bridge) and disposing off their waste, especially at night. This waste includes leftovers of culled chicken and other animals. No one takes bath in this river nowadays,” says Shibu K, a manual worker who lives on the bank of the river.

S Murugan, an employee of Kerala Water Authority and a resident, says, “Our houses are flooded when it rains. Most of it is drainage water. During summer, water in the river dries up and it shows its true colour. Many houses have given their drainage outlet into the river.”

Killi River

Shamili, a housewife of the locality, says, “Many household drains are emptied into the river. Mosquitoes are a nuisance both during day and night and the smell is intolerable.”

A Drain emptying into killi river

Responding to all of this, an officer from the sewerage department says, “There is no direct line of sewerage to the river. Most of the discharges are from the households. Households who do not have proper drainage facility dump their waste in these drains.”  

Another drain emptying into Killi River

However, he proposed a solution, “There should be a proper sewage connection in all these households. We have submitted proposals to the concerned authorities.”

The solution is possible only if the Government takes the initiative. But for that the citizens should demand an initiative. Well, who will blink first? 
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