Riverside Cameras To Catch Waste Dumpers
Keltron will join hands with City Corporation and TRIDA in this mission | By Yentha
On Sep 01, 2014

Trivandrum: In order to save the Karamana and Killi rivers from waste dumpers the Trivandrum City Corporation and TRIDA have joined together to install cameras on the river side. In the first phase cameras will be installed on the sides of Killi river for about six kilometres.

Keltron will also join hands with TRIDA and the city corporation in this mission and this project is expected to cost Rs.65 lakhs. While Keltron will give warranty for the cameras installed by it, it will also conduct an annual maintenance of these cameras.

According to Corporation sources who spoke to Yentha, within two weeks, nine cameras will be installed on the side of these rivers in order to save it from getting further polluted.

The drainage system maintained by the City Corporation and the PWD also ends up at these rivers, which is yet another reason why these rivers are polluted. TRIDA is working out to take some steps to end this as well.

By installing cameras on the sides of rivers it is expected to deter or apprehend those who regularly dump waste from the banks of these rivers. Many hotels and other such institutions are the ones who apparently create this problem. These institutions are suspected to have been dumping its waste here on a daily basis for a long time.

The City police have apparently registered many cases based on these incidents. Now with these cameras in place, the police may also find it easy to apprehend the culprits. It is also expected that the flow of the river would slowly get back to its original ebb and flow.

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