"Nellikai" A Day Keeps The Doc Away
Ayurveda and other traditional treatments have been prescribing Amla for various ailments for thousands of years | By Yentha
On May 22, 2015

Trivandrum: If you do not know the real medicinal value of the plants and trees in your backyard, then the National Arogya Expo venue is the right place to know them.
Many diseases and ailments may not need ayurvedic medicines, but can be made better by breathing in fresh air. This is what the Arogya expo aims to create awareness about.

The ongoing, four-day exhibition, that started yesterday (till May 24), showcases a variety of medicinal plants and products of traditional use, with Indian gooseberry or 'Nellikai' or ‘Amla’ (Phyllanthus emblica) enjoying pride of place.

A stall in the National Arogya Expo 2015

For thousands of years, Ayurveda and other traditional treatments have been prescribing Amla for various ailments. “An Amla a day keeps the doctor away,” suggests the brochure of the State Medicinal Plantation Board.

Free AYUSH camp at the National Arogya Expo

Amla is not only a wonderful antioxidant, but also has anti-bacterial, anabolic, hypolipidemic and hypotensive relieving qualities. Hence, cultivating Amla in households helps to fight against various diseases.
The State Horticulture Mission and National Mission on Medicinal Plants have arranged provision of loans for those interested in cultivating medicinal plants, which can be an additional source of income.
Stalls set up by various organisations provide detailed information on traditional products and treatments in Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy.
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