Alarming Increase Of Dengue Cases In Trivandrum
7,760 cases and ten deaths from May 2011 to June 2014; more than half the cases in the state from Trivandrum | Ajay S Kumar
On Jul 25, 2014


Trivandrum: There are more than 50% dengue fever cases and deaths in the (garbage capital) city as compared to the entire state. That says something to the city administrators as to how

According to the Health department statistics Trivandrum reported 7,760 dengue cases and ten deaths during May 2011 and June 2014, which slightly are more than half the cases reported across the state.

During the period May to December 2011, the city reported more than 700 dengue cases. This increased to 2,447 cases (an increase of approx. 250%) and four deaths during Jan-Dec period in the following year. However, in 2013 this number has further increased to 4,192 cases and five deaths. (an increase of 71%).

With the monsoon getting stronger concerns on the health front has come to the forefront once again. Communicable diseases can spread fast and are we doing enough to stop this?

A senior official from the Health department while speaking to Yentha said, “Unless we find a solution to our garbage disposal we cannot control dengue. That’s the fundamental problem.”

He also added, “the public health department is doing its best to keep the situation under control but the public is not co-operating. A person usually catches the dengue fever from his house or from his surroundings. So the public should take steps to keep their homes and their surroundings clean.”

Each time such issues crop up, there are only blame games. And the public memory is so short that soon another issue would take up the public’s fancy. But aren’t there officials whose responsibility it is to keep the city clean?
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