Kalliyoor Panchayat To Be Garbage Friendly
If you think you are talented this is your opportunity to showcase it. Unleash your talent and contribute for a cause | By Yentha
On Sep 21, 2014


Trivandrum:  Kanthari International, a local NGO is out with a novel initiative to bring a positive social change in Kalliyoor Panchayath near Vellayani. kanthari in partnership with the Kalliyoor Panchayat and the Peringammala Navajyothi Residents Association are planning to bring about an innovative environmental initiative (tackle waste management) to make the Panchayath greener and healthier and even secure the Vellayani lake.

As part of this initiative, a fund raising talent show will be held in the campus to raise funds to cover the cost involved in the awareness campaign targeting 16 schools in and around Killiyoor Panchayath. It is planned to donate around 48 waste bins to the 16 schools in the Panchayath. 3 waste bins colour coded green (for bio-waste), blue (plastic), red (hazardous toxic waste like batteries) will be donated to the schools to segregate their waste and manage it. The whole team at kanthari would also conduct awareness camps in the schools to sensitize them regarding waste management.

“When we approached the panchayath regarding this waste management issue they were very receptive to this initiative.  The participants in kanthari would conduct awareness campaigns in 16 schools in and around the panchayath. We plan to drive home the point that ‘I’m responsible for my waste’ and it is not the responsibility of a particular caste or gender or Govt. Waste management is to secure the earth for future generations as well as for the well being of this generation,” says Nicola, a catalyst (teacher) at kanthari.

Carter Gram, a participant (student) at kanthari says “Waste is not trash at all. You can make money out of waste. We plan to make people understand the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle. We make a variety of beautiful things from what you discard as trash and people should understand the need to reuse. For instance the plastic bottle you throw away can be used in many ways so that it doesn’t cause much burden on our planet.”

The plan is to set up a waste management system which would convert the organic waste into manure and this venture has garnered support from the local Govt. and will be maintained by the local Kudumbasree mission. Kanthari is involved in raising awareness in the Panchayath and as many as 50 volunteers will be trained to bring the waste segregation knowledge into the community. Kalliyoor Panchayath would soon become a role model by waste segregation, manure production and selling them which could be emulated elsewhere.

Talent Show details

The talent show will be held in the form of a competition whereby the participating artists must register with 100 Rs and a short text message in the format ‘Talent show + name’ to +919633197617 before 23 September. The competition will be in two categories; the first will be for children and the second will be for adults. Prizes await winners. Participants should be able to sing while playing an instrument or bring his/her band. Children are exempted from this. The program is not without its fun. You could enjoy a day at kanthari with other fun filled activities like boating in the beautiful waters of lake Vellayani and treating your appetite to some great food. So what are you waiting for? Brace up to battle for a cause.

Venue : Kanthari International Institutions (Amphi Theatre), Vellayani
Date: 27 September
Time: 12:00 p.m. – 4 p.m.
More Information Contact Carter: +918129917205 or

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