Mariyam Mukku(Malayalam); Falls Prey For A Really Weak Script: Film Review
One would expect much more from the man who scripted ‘Classmates’ says Aswin
On Jan 23, 2015


Script writer James Albert’s debut ‘Mariyam Mukku’ is a romance drama set in Mariam Mukku, a coastal village with a distinct Latin American culture. It’s not clear what James Albert was aiming at. Whatever it was, it is not what we get to see on screen.

Felix(Fahad Fazil) is a fisherman and a disciple of the local goon Mariyanasan(Manoj K Jayan) who raised him after he lost his parents at a tender age. Things become difficult when Felix falls for Salomi(Sana Altaf), his childhood crush. He gets into a situation where he will have to chose between his guru and his love.

Not much of a plot, isn’t it? Well that is exactly the problem. It’s a poor script with a lot of weak characters. James Albert got stuck between romance and drama. He seems to have terribly mixed up drama with romance. The scenarist created an interesting setting but failed to build a meaningful plot around it. To top it all, we have some really dull wits and misplaced songs too. 

Cinematography is the best thing in ‘Mariyam Mukku’. Gireesh Gangadharan does a great job portraying the lively coastal life. But same cannot be said about Vidyasagar’s music which is below average.

When it comes to performances, there is nothing much to say. Characters are poorly written and there is nothing actors can do about it. Fahad  fails to impress as the young reckless fisherman. Sana was also poor. The chemistry between both of them is no-existent. Same can be told about most of the others including Manoj K Jayan, Prathap Pothen and Joy Mathew.

Well, that’s all. ‘Mariyam Mukku’ is a poor attempt from James Albert. One would expect much more from the man who scripted ‘Classmates’.

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