Trivandrum Author's Book Released: ‘God, Farmer And Spellbound Pambaa’
“It’s a novel about Trivandrum. It’s a novel about life, journeys and the past.” | By Yentha
On Oct 25, 2014


Trivandrum: “My first impression is surprise! I am surprised that a CET student has published a novel in English. There are a few good Malayalam writers, but not many in English. Having known him as a student, this is a moment of extreme happiness for me. This is a book about changes that has happened and that is happening in society. These are changes that we are concerned about. In that sense, this is a very important book,” said Prof. R V G Menon, writer and social activist who was present at the book release event.

‘God, Farmer and Spellbound Pambaa’, by first time novelist Krishna Kumar was released by Justice K B Koshy at the Institute of Engineers Hall Friday. Published by Folio, the first copy was received by Dr.Krishna Das, who appreciated the contribution made by the author, editor, publisher and printer in producing a good quality novel.

Justice Koshy, Chairman, Kerala Human Rights Commission who spoke at the event said, “I never expected such a book from a project consultant like Krishna Kumar.” He also spoke about ragging an issue which is discussed in one chapter of the book. “I believe ragging in a limited way is fine. But, nowadays it’s getting out of control and vulgar in many cases. This must be stopped by all means,” he concluded.

Speaking on the occasion K Kunhikrishnan, Former Deputy Director General at Doordarshan said “Kumar has captured Pamba in a way that has never been done before. He has succeeded in invoking the poetic nature of Pamba and has immortalised it. It’s a novel about life, journeys and the past. Moreover, it’s a novel about Trivandrum.”

The book ‘God, Farmer and Spellbound Pamba’, Krishna Kumar’s debut novel is also about the fun of growing up, the challenge of bringing up and the march of a generation in transition, of dreams, careers and our cultural and spiritual traditions.

Dr.Krishna Das receiving the first copy from Justice K B Koshy; author Krishna Kumar is second from left


The author who is a project consultant and investor with experience in manufacturing system implementation and sales was beaming during the ceremony. The book was brought out jointly by CETAA, Folio Publishers, IE (I) and TMI Trivandrum. Folio publishers’ editor, Ravindran Nair gave the inaugural address while the function also saw a reader’s book quiz being organised for school students.

About 70 books were sold on day one, a remarkable achievement for a first time author.  Details about the novel can be viewed at

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