Yentha Follow–Up: Pettah Station's Mess Continues; Need Sponsor
Absence of a proper toilet is a threat to the health of commuters and employees; a sponsor can change things | Dinesh Kumar
On Apr 18, 2014

Trivandrum: On Nov 22 Yentha reported the deplorable condition of Pettah Railway station. The station lacked proper toilet facilities and there was a shortage or absence of staff to keep the platform clean. Stray dogs were a big menace too. Nothing has changed.

This is what Venugopal Nair, keyman at the Railway Station, has to say, “This toilet had been like this since for the last six months. What could be worse for a railway station if it does not even have proper toilet facilities? We lock our room in the evening and we find human excreta around it in the morning. Before entering our room we have to clean it. It is very difficult to bear the smell.” He adds, “Mosquitoes have made our life hell. Another nuisance is the large number of stray dogs found here.”

Aswin, an engineering student and a frequent traveller, says, “Many ladies and children use this station. They need minimal facilities like a toilet. All of them ask for a toilet but we have no answer. To top it there are no parking facilities.”

Prince, an employee in a private firm, says, “There is no proper waiting shed. It is very difficult when it rains. Also, the ticket counter does not open on time. We have to wait in the queue and catch the train in the last minute.”

Khemraj Meena, Public Relations Officer at the Divisional Manager’s Office, says “We are not getting someone to operate the toilet. Since there are few people using it, there is not enough profit for any contractor. It would have been good if someone can sponsor it or if the Corporation takes the initiative.”

Some say change is inevitable. Perhaps, not always.

Editor's note: If this article can find its way to a good hearted sponsor, perhaps this article would have served its purpose.


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