Five Cents More For City's Children’s Park
When cities boast of hundreds of acres, what would five cents mean to the city? Are we joking? | By Yentha
On Apr 23, 2014


Trivandrum: The Children’s Park at the city zoo is crowded thanks to an acute lack of space. This is the obvious place for them to spend their evenings since playgrounds are really scarce in Trivandrum.

Good news comes in the form of five cents of land!!! A plan is being mooted to expand the Children’s Park with a plot lying adjoining the road so that children could have 'more' space and thus more fun.

A senior official of the zoo says, “The Children’s park is too crowded. You should visit it especially during weekends and mornings. There is a triangular plot lying adjoining the road which currently houses a few medicinal plants. The plan is in the initial stages but it should be implemented this year. This, if realised, will add around five cents of land to the park.”

Shine is a police officer and a father of a boy studying in fifth class. He says, “The park is good and my son loves it. But it is too crowded. It is a good idea if they expand it.”

Girish, a tourist from Malappuram, says, “My son is seeing something like this for the first time in his life. This is good place for a parent to relax seeing his child play. He has come to like this park a lot.”

The park is an instant favourite for children and their parents be it the locals of even domestic tourists. But there is an urgent need to expand the area. The idea should be realised soon before it gets caught in another bureaucratic quagmire.

Editor's note: A city's character is moulded by and large by the large open spaces, playgrounds and parks. Parks for children and the elderly should be a priority for the city administrators.
Most livable cities are often determined by the green spaces kept aside for its citizens. Vienna has 51% green space, Singapore 47%, London has an astonishing 40% and Mumbai has just 2%. How much does Trivandrum have? Or the question is how much have we left for our kids?

Statistically speaking Bangalore's Cubbon Park is 300 acres. (1.2, Central Park in New York is 843 acres (, Hyde Park, London is 625 acres (2.53 - all Wiki figures - and Trivandrum Zoo, including the park/museum is around 55 acres. Maybe that's enough for our population but not if we benchmark with the cities mentioned above.

Can we do something?

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