King and Queen of Travancore - Audition
03 Apr
King and Queen of Travancore - Audition
King and Queen of Travancore - Audition


The King & Queen of Travancore, in order to precise the beauty and talent among the youngsters is going to held in Trivandrum city .The finale will be conducting at the month of April and it will be followed with audition, the selected candidate will be getting a section of grooming in order to perform their best in the platform.

The program will be under the observation of elegant panel of judges who had met their talents in various fields such as acting, direction, modeling and so on.


The Audition for King & Queen of Travancore will be conducted on 3rd April 2016 at Vivanta by Taj, Trivandrum. The contestants can walk-in free for audition with three photographs and details.

The Audition round will have two rounds: The first round, the contestants will be required to wear denim jean for judges to assess the overall physical criteria- height, proportionality etc. This will be the first elimination round.

Self-Introduction round: Here the judges could ask you a couple of questions to get to know you better- about yourself, why King and Queen of Travancore, questions on your interests, career, future, family etc.

Main Titles

1. King of Travancore (Age group : 17yrs to 24 yrs)
2. Queen of Travancore (Age group : 17yrs to 24 yrs)
3. Mrs. Travancore (Age group : 20yrs to 38 yrs)
4. Kids of Travancore – Jr.( Age group : 4yrs to 7 yrs)
5. Kids of Travancore– Sr.( Age group : 8yrs to 16 yrs)


Application format for Audition:

Contestants must fill the below mentioned details with 3 photographs (close-up,mid-length,full-length) to
(Name,Age,Height,Vital statistics,contact details,city of Residence)

Time : 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Vivanta by Taj - Trivandrum
Address : C V Raman Pillai Road, Thycaud, Trivandrum.
Phone Number : 6612345
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